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The factory put on hold because EU.

Started by: only_justme65
On: 03/12/2018 | 20:15
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by: only_justme65
on: 03/12/2018 | 20:15 edited: 03/12/2018 | 20:19

Because the Welsh government has a 3% stake in the company.







11 european countries, 

£11,000,000,000 subsidizing coal & gas industry.


"Brexit anyone...?"


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by: majorincident
on: 03/12/2018 | 20:31

None of your links seem to relate to your thread title and in any event, the FT one cannot be accessed unless you are a subscriber.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.
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by: only_justme65
on: 03/12/2018 | 20:51
EU rules,

"The EU does not allow state support of a business if it would distort competition in the single market"

What do you call French government being shareholders in Renault, in French nuclear industry, French fishing, and another £8,000,000,000 in French industry & banking,
German government being sole shareholders in German rail company,

11 european countries subsidising gas & coal industry by £80,000,000,000
And the production is being stopped by the EU because the Welsh government has a 3% share in the company and has funded it with £500,000.

Apologies regarding the ft link,
But the others high light the obvious double standards in this case.

Don't you think...?
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by: nefarius
on: 03/12/2018 | 20:58

Where is the article relating to the thread title? 

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by: sarahaxon
on: 03/12/2018 | 20:59
Hi @only_justme65

Your top link relates to an article written in 1982 - yes 36 years ago.
The second link is behind a paywall so I can't read it.
The third link relates to an ODI study on fuel subsidies.

I'm a bit baffled!
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by: majorincident
on: 03/12/2018 | 20:59

Illegal state aid is one thing, but is a government holding shares in a nationalised industry actually proscribed?

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.
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by: sarahaxon
on: 03/12/2018 | 21:11
No it isn't. You can read all the guidance here
The State aid rules are apparently the root of Corbyn's objections to the EU, as he believes that the application of State aid rules would prevent his plans for large scale nationalisation.
Others disagree - and point, as @only_justme65 does, that the SA rules have not prevented France from having nationalised railways, electricity companies etc. If we weren't so hung up on privatising everything that moves in a slavish belief that the market will provide, we would see that this is actually quite a sensible approach.
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by: michaeldunha
on: 03/12/2018 | 21:26
Of course it's double standards, that's the EU all over, Airbus is a classic example of this.
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by: techiebloke
on: 03/12/2018 | 21:28



According to these figures the French State has a 15% holding so it's not a controlling shareholder, the vast majority of the stock is publicly traded.


Anything relating to nuclear really ought to be government owned or at the very least, the government should have the right to step in if required on grounds of national security because it covers everything from the design of reactors used in power generation to the design and maintenance of reactors and warheads used in submarines.


Are you making the point that the state aid laws are written in such a way to favour the French and German states?

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by: nefarius
on: 03/12/2018 | 21:32 edited: 03/12/2018 | 21:35

Oh, OK. So the UK ditches the double standards of the EU and adopts the double standards of The Conservatives who were involved in the EU double standards?

Can't get rid of the Conservatives because that means Labour. Might as well be a dictatorship. 


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