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The real ale thread

Started by: techiebloke
On: 15/08/2015 | 21:39
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by: techiebloke
on: 15/08/2015 | 21:39

I'm just about to go off to open and enjoy a bottle of Old Thumper.


What are you drinking?







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by: titan33
on: 15/08/2015 | 21:41
Boddingtons bitter for me tonight 👍
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by: ntfcfan
on: 15/08/2015 | 21:42
I am not drinking at the moment but I like to try real ales from different breweries
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by: borobabe
on: 15/08/2015 | 23:11
I can't drink at present, as I'm on antibiotics for a gum infection. I do like real ales though. My favourite ones are Titanic Plum Porter and Coach House Brewery's Toffee Bitter.
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by: gizzblue
on: 15/08/2015 | 23:15
@techiebloke teetotal these days but ...
Old peculiar ...or the hobgoblin was a fave .

But Thomas Cafferey was a genius ...
Caffereys was choice wobbly bobbly for me personally .

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by: petermarsh196644a
on: 15/08/2015 | 23:25
bathams bitter local to brierly hill w mids
its bostin ! also enville ale they do a ginger
bitter truly ace !
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by: dave_dwan
on: 15/08/2015 | 23:46
A can of Philistilian Stella ha-ha.
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by: anfieldheros
on: 15/08/2015 | 23:58

My favourite  has to be summer lightening but due to lack of supply i generally  drink doombar down the pub. 

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by: flyingman76
on: 16/08/2015 | 17:46
I rather like that Hobgoblin stuff if I can't get Newcastle brown but whiskies my tipple
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