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Tips for depression

Started by: pinkprincess116
On: 25/03/2019 | 19:27
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 25/03/2019 | 21:48
@pinkprincess116 So sad for you I can understand how you are feeling. I always find that watching very funny programmes on tv helped me or nice lively music which makes you tap your feet to it. Sometimes a little treat to look forward to when the children have gone to bed like a box of chocolates or the like so you have something to look forward to.
but if it gets worse the visit the doctors and tell him how you are feeling and they will give you some medication which really does help and it takes a week or two to work but don't expect it to work for say 3 weeks and tell him and they will change it to something which will work
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by: joshythehipster
on: 25/03/2019 | 22:36

I find 2 minute meditation in the morning and then in the eve (a guided one) helps me, a lot. When I'm feeling particularly bad, like i am currently, I write down 3 things in the morning that I am grateful for and 3 good things that happened during the day gone.


Ultimately, its good to see people too. No matter how much you think you hate their guts... 


But thats just me.

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by: stephenpperry
on: 25/03/2019 | 22:59

Meditation has always helped me, and constantly reminding myself it will pass. Give yourself time to relax and the space you need. Small things to look forward to. And if you can, excercise, it makes a huge difference! 


In all, remember your not alone, it will be ok and Thankyou for sharing! 

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by: nefarius
on: 26/03/2019 | 02:38



I'd go to your GP to get the ball rolling on a diagnosis for your symptoms. 

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by: mahooli
on: 26/03/2019 | 08:42

Being depressed AND stressed is awful because they elicit different responses which can be counterproductive. As someone who suffers from both, it can be debilitating but try to take one day at a time and one moment at a time and take time to yourself. Trying to get some sort of order/routine into your life to relieve any pressure of getting things done and break tasks down into small bits. Don't look at the washing thinking you have to wash, dry and iron it all. Just look at it and thing wash, then go onto dry then onto iron (if you iron) and so on.

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by: daisy_bloom
on: 26/03/2019 | 08:48

Do something you enjoy with friends thats how I deal with things when im feeling down. I wouldnt sugest shoping as it can become addictive.

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by: treasuretrove
on: 26/03/2019 | 11:22

I agree, being stuck in the house is the worst thing - get the kids and go for a nice walk, even if its round the block - seeing and hearing new things, distracts the mind.

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by: swamppig
on: 26/03/2019 | 12:18

@pinkprincess116  Ships sink when they take on too much water, don't take too much excess baggage loosening the load on your mind to set yourself free. Good Luck 

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by: munglespoon
on: 28/03/2019 | 13:38
The most important thing is to do something, anything, just to get you started. Try writing up a list of things to do and when you wake up in the morning find the quickest and easiest thing on the list and do it immediately. That will immediately give you a small boost of energy. Like others say, try and get out of the house, even if it's just a walk to the local shops and back, because if you isolate yourself it will just snowball and get worse, and worse.
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