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To Mary our thought are with you and the family

Started by: pinkcalculator
On: 30/05/2013 | 21:49
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by: pinkcalculator
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:49
Many of the members here will know Mary_r_t as a long standing member from the first tender steps of giffgaff.
Today she got the news that her mum had passed away.
I know many of her friends on here will want to offer some words to her and I though this thread could be used to give her the warm hugs from all of us on the forum who've been in contact with her.
You know how big a hug I'm sending you Mary and I include you dad your sister and brother in that hug I hope they too feel the warmth.
With much love
Sandra George Lorna Clare and sox xxxxxx
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by: simonefaye78
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:52
I don't really know Mary but my thoughts go out to her and her family at this sad time, my deepest condolences and huge hugs to you all x
So anyway...
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by: redisblue
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:55
Thoughts with you Mary , such sad news...
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by: rochessel
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:56
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Mary and I do hope you don't mind us all knowing, It's a kind thought pink. Mary If you ever need a chat pm me Smiley Wink
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by: nerakb
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:56

So sorry to hear this.My thoughts are with you,Mary and your family at this time.


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by: pinkcalculator
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:57
Don't worry I asked her first she knows its here and when she feels like looking it will be there for her
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by: am1nab_90
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:58
sorry to hear about marys loss and my condolences are with her. the days ahead will be very tough and i pray that she has the strength and will to pull her self together, tell her not to lose hope as there is still light at the tunnel
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by: shirazee8
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:58

So sorry to hear your sad news Mary, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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by: nicola2305
on: 30/05/2013 | 21:58

sorry i dont know you mary. but i am sorry about your loss.

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by: andreww
on: 30/05/2013 | 22:02 edited: 30/05/2013 | 22:05
Deepest condolences Mary.

Thinking of you.

Andrew & Trudi
Probably having a beer in the sunshine somewhere.
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