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Ubuntu installation help?

Started by: revomutharock
On: 08/02/2011 | 17:51
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by: mary_r_t
on: 08/02/2011 | 21:37

nutellajunkie is the man to ask - he's a mod on n00bsonubuntu.


Sounds to me like your installer isn't quite right - though having never done an ubuntu install I'm not sure.


I'm a fedora user myself.

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by: edgley
on: 09/02/2011 | 16:39

What version of Ubuntu are you installing? 10.10?


My laptop (which is very old now) does not like anything past 9.10 and I believe it has something to do with the X server version that is installed with the newer Ubuntu's. Oddly enough I can install Arch Linux and then install the latest without any issues.


Don't quote me on this, but it's just something I read when I tried installing on my laptop. If it is that though, you could drop out to root shell from GRUB and replace the new with a slightly older version. You may want to try a different distro to see if you get the same issues with that, such as Linux Mint, OpenSUSE or Slackware.

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by: revomutharock
on: 11/02/2011 | 22:38

I do have a pic now if anyone can help?

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by: nutellajunkie
on: 12/02/2011 | 01:50

ok, I is here..

First things first..

What windows is it?

Which Ubuntu is it?

Ubuntu installation media by default are ALL live. However, you may have downloaded a derivative of some sort, home hacks sometimes arent live. if you got it from, then it will be live.

Assuming you got the boot menu, tell me, is this a windows boot menu for dual operating systems, or is this a linux GRUB boot menu, or are you lucky enough to have the newer (most likely still in beta) screen? Are there any more than one Ubuntu (linux kernel) options for you to use?

You mentioned kernel stuff, I assume thats the fast scrolling screen with all that text flying past with OKAY on hopefully all of them? Are there any that fail that you remember? Where does it stop, what was it trying to do prior?

Lets see where we can get you to from here.. however, in theory, your installation should have been smoother than a babies bum and should have a desktop without having to do anything!.. (windows probably thinks its a virus LOL).


And yes, please do pop in on n00bsonubuntu, link below.

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by: klepto
on: 12/02/2011 | 02:14

While I wouldn't claim to be a guru, I've been using Linux exclusivly for over ten years now, and Ubuntu for much of that. If you could post a link to the pic it may well help, but as others have already pointed out it's most likely a corrupted installation and/or installation disc. I'd reccomend checking the md5 sum of the CD image and if that checks out then burning a new disc.


If the disk is fine then try reinstalling. By the sounds of it the hard disk has already been partitioned succesfuly so you can use the normal (non-wubi) installer by booting from the CD, it will still detect your Windows installation and allow you to dual boot.


The "two beeps" you mention are worrying. When exactly do you hear the beeps? Do you hear them when you boot into Windows too? If so it may indicate a hardware fault. Ubuntu is pretty easy to install usually, easier than windows even, so I'm pretty sure it's not something you are doing wrong.


Of course you will probably get more and better help on the Ubuntu forums.


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by: revomutharock
on: 12/02/2011 | 17:03

Right well i went onto ubuntu forums and was told that it was a kernel panic. I now have ubuntu 10.10 nearly fully working I can't however use multi touch/two fingered scrolling.

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by: francisuk
on: 13/02/2011 | 12:35

I had loads of problems when installing via Ubuntu Windows installer like wubi was not found so in the end i burnt it into a CD and made the install from there.


But if you dont have a CD drive get a cheap 2gb usb stick and install this

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