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Verbose theatre.

Started by: jamie_hyman_webster
On: 04/10/2016 | 07:37
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by: jamie_hyman_webster
on: 04/10/2016 | 07:37
"Unscrew it," Taylor suggested.

"What for? We'll never get the prize that way," Avarice concluded. "There's a billion combinations. We have to get the correct one."

Taylor glanced over her shoulder to Avarice - her spectacles misted slightly.

"I've read about these. If it isn't carefully handled, what you see inside will not be there on opening it. This one is simply unscrewed. If we'd have found one at the bottom of the pond, it requires a goblin's tongue. Haven't you read the legends?"

Avarice, now visually agitated, disagreed.

"My instinct is not to do anything, but leave under the willow until morning. Mr Goldman will give us more advice but unscrewing is not the right way with this one."

Taylor swallowed nervously and against Avarice's better judgement, twisted the top.

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by: dolly247
on: 04/10/2016 | 07:45
Oooh the tension.....nail biting...x
Don't worry about the things you can't change, only the things you can.
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by: jamie_hyman_webster
on: 04/10/2016 | 07:51
(cut to internal shot - kitchen)

"I'm not sure," said Mr Goldman. "The debt was paid sometime in August. Send me the paperwork and I'll check my records. Good day."

He carefully placed the receiver back on the holder.

"Damn blacksmith!" he shouted upstairs. "I wonder how many more have been contacted as a result of their errors?"

A muffled voice returned downstairs.

"You have nothing to worry about," the reassurance continued, "they're playing the game. Ignore it until they send official documentation."

"They should leave alone," Mr Goldman muttered to himself. "I paid four shillings for that re-hoof and that was generous."

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by: jamie_hyman_webster
on: 04/10/2016 | 08:23
External - neat lawn, huge oak tree.


A voice startled Taylor and Avarice.


The voice edged closer, but both girls couldn't pinpoint from which direction it came. The sound of tiny shoes on wet grass approached the from behind. Taylor and Avarice turned around together, Taylor still mid twist.

Standing before them was a Hybrid.

A Hybrid lived in the pond beyond the top of the hill. They were round creatures with minimal features, two snake-like eyes, one large monobrow, no nose, tiny mouth. Smaller than the girls in stature. Blue in colour - skin scaly to the touch. On leaving the pond, they liked to stand upright on two back legs, but liked to wear smart shoes.

"What is it, Hybrid?" Avarice keen to know why the urgency on its leaving the pond.

In a voice reminiscent of a child after inhaling helium balloons, the Hybrid issued a stark warning.

"Twist ye may, or twist ye might, ye cannot twist until the night. If ye twist while it is day, with your life ye shall pay"

Slowly turning away from the girls, the Hybrid began to run back toward the pond. Taylor and Avarice fixed eyes on it, mouths open until it had disappeared over the hill.

They looked at each other and in sync, closed their mouths.

Taylor looked down at her hands, still mid-twist - her gripped hand resembling stone.

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by: vickyjakesmum
on: 04/10/2016 | 08:48
Did you copy and paste that from last weeks Woman's Weekly? 😜

Only Joshing @jamie_hyman_webster I love your stories, they make me smile, great imagination.
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by: jamie_hyman_webster
on: 04/10/2016 | 08:57

It's funny because I hated A level English with a passion. Sons and Lovers? Eurghh. Let me write some REAL stories.

Oh, and thanks. I've put my quill down now because I need bacon.
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by: walkrightback
on: 04/10/2016 | 08:59

When will the next installment be?

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