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Victoria Sponge Coffee Shop

Started by: vickyjakesmum
On: 10/10/2017 | 19:19
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by: vickyjakesmum
on: 13/11/2018 | 10:55

Your walks always sounds nice @smiler48 you must live near the sea.

Full English and a cappuccino on the way.😊


@goofygirl look, I've got you a lovely foot soak, it will help I'm sure.






I think @bazthebear2 is here, I have to pop out in a bit. Baz will hold the fort.
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by: frenchielove
on: 13/11/2018 | 10:58

Oh my @goofygirl these tarts are so lovely I just can’t stop myself. That foot soak looks wonderful. We shall never want to go home 🤗

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by: goofygirl
on: 13/11/2018 | 10:58
Oh my goodness this is so lovely, i may not move for hours, i am so relaxed thankyou 😀😀😀
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by: goofygirl
on: 13/11/2018 | 10:59
We are certainly blessed and very spoiled, Im loving it
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by: smiler48
on: 13/11/2018 | 11:07

@vickyjakesmum  I do live by the coast and love to walk. I have to confess though that some of my walks are in my mind's eye the same as this coffee shop lol.  Have a great day 😀😀😀

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by: frenchielove
on: 13/11/2018 | 11:09

That sounds wonderful @smiler48 you are lucky then like @eldee we are packing our suitcases and coming along, 🤗

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by: vickyjakesmum
on: 13/11/2018 | 13:18



Pop in, I've baked you a Birthday cake.


Happy birthday to you from all at the VSCS 


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by: joannawaters48
on: 13/11/2018 | 14:41
yes will defo ask @goofygirl and @madcourser69 that's a good suggestion ...may be even a 'strictly' theme-could you cater for that too >**email_removed**se can I have a takeaway cappuccino too?
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by: joannawaters48
on: 13/11/2018 | 14:41
yes let's dance @goofygirl -as D Bowie might say!
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by: eldee
on: 13/11/2018 | 14:42
Hello everyone. 😄
Well, what a lovely bright, sunny and even fairly warm day it's been so far. Apt really as it's the festival of Chhat Puja, celebrating the sun and all that it gives to the earth.
I'm now in the right mood for cake! (No surprise there then.)
I'd like a wedge of coffee and walnut cake please, @vickyjakesmum and a pot of redbush tea please. 😋

@goofygirl, nice to see you here at the café. Welcome! 😁
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