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Vodafone market the cashline!

Started by: mary_r_t
On: 31/01/2011 | 21:42
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by: mary_r_t
on: 31/01/2011 | 21:42

I had an interesting one tonight. Went to the cashline outside tesco (which says is operated by RBS) and was asked if I would be interested in a vodafone offer of 1000 vodafone minutes which lasted 30 days after topping up by £10. It wanted me to press yes or no...but I just stared at it until the cash machine gave me my twenty quid (I presume that will register as a no).


Looks like voda are pulling out stops to find out what their customers might want from them...

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by: allan1954
on: 31/01/2011 | 22:47
mary vodafone must be getting desperate for new customers.
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by: lisapip
on: 01/02/2011 | 07:31

that a new one, from a hole in the wall.

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by: andy0
on: 01/02/2011 | 10:30

next week, a two for one pizza offer

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by: piplisa
on: 01/02/2011 | 14:37

will the pizza fit out of the machine.Smiley Very Happy

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by: nutellajunkie
on: 01/02/2011 | 16:07

You will be sure to hear from them in due course if you pressed yes.. Remember the bank has all the other details im sure Vodafone would love to get their grubby mitts on...

You're as nosey as I am, that’s for sure Smiley Happy

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