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WARNING giffgaff vs o2 data speed - Very frustrated new customer

Started by: silverlight001
On: 02/05/2016 | 18:44
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by: silverlight001
on: 02/05/2016 | 18:44

Hi Folks,


Welcome your help.


Been using O2 monthly contract for years and have always had excellent, high speed 4G signal at home.


Transferred to GiffGaff on Friday and signal is now G or E (the slowest speeds).


My Father who has O2 came to visit and his phone was 4G all the time he was here.


My wifes phone was also transferred to Giffgaff and that has the same slowest data signal.


The data signal is poor even early morning and late night when there would clearly be no network congestion.


I only transferred to Giffgaff because the O2 network has excellent strength and speed where we live and only now have a I realised that GiffGaff is clearly not the same as O2 and that the data speeds are throttled and cut back making the GiffGaff 4G data service unfit for purpose.


This is absolute pants and I'm really, really annoyed - I've subsequently found out that O2 throttle GiffGaff signal and that GG have a very limited bandwidth hence the reason why my excellent data signal is now no longer fit for purpose.


There are other similair threads so this is not just a one-off experiece that we are having.


GiffGaff should highlight the data throttling and constraints to all new customers and looks like the only recourse is a complaint to OFCOM about being misled.


Welcome any comments / feedback please from the forum.

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by: stevieco
on: 02/05/2016 | 18:49
Giffgaff are aware their Internet speeds aren't great
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by: farnis
on: 02/05/2016 | 18:50

Yes it does come up regularly about poor speeds.

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by: johnrooney80
on: 02/05/2016 | 18:52
Sorry for your frustration buddy.
It's down to the fact that as an mvno giffgaff only get x amount of bandwidth, and there's more users versus available hence the slow-down.
Totally outwith giffgaffs control & although I sympathize, feel you may be better off on a contract with o2 if you desire the speeds your looking for.
It simply is what it is.
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by: ukchattyman
on: 02/05/2016 | 19:02
contracts on all networks are faster than pay as you go based networks. o2 contract customers get higher priority than pay as you go and all it's piggy back networks.....
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by: tracy_d
on: 02/05/2016 | 19:08
Ur definitely not the only 1
I joined GiffGaff from 02 also
& yes the slow speed drives me mad

But also with 02 the most data I ever used was under 5GB I used 2 get the £25 bundle with the 4GB data
But i always ran out just b4 the next top up
So I thought GiffGaff with its 6GB goodybag would be ideal 4 me
But that was a joke coz 2nd wk of my 1st goody bag GiffGaff tells me I have already used up the 6GB so I have spent the last 2 wks on even slow speed internet, which was unbearable.

That bag finished last night & I am on my 2nd £20 bag, so I have the normal GG slow speed back but they've said I used 10GB thro last month
Well thats complete rot I've Never Ever used that amount in a month.
& with GiffGaff u don't get 02 customer service
So I have no way of querying it.
So keep an eye on the amount they are saying ur using coz mine definitely ain't right
I was online exactly same amount all month as with 02 yet somehow they say I used more than double.
I am staying 2 use my current goody bag but if it's the same 2 wks in the month I'm just gonna shop around or even return 2 02 coz they're offering some better deals 2 come back .
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by: nosherfj
on: 02/05/2016 | 19:12 edited: 02/05/2016 | 19:18

i am joining three after Junes payback taking my main nymber with me. not bothered about data to much myself as use wifi most of the time but when i compared giffgaff 4g to three's 3g three was faster on 3g and i get more signal bars for chatting and it's only 3p for chat 2p for txt and 1p for MB data on Three's 321 pay as you go.



giffgaff on 4G 1 signal bar




Three in 3G 3 signal bars well H mean HPSA which is enhanced 3G





Asda do  a good deal on payg too and run on EE but higher pay as you rates.

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by: llw
on: 02/05/2016 | 19:52

I have had to get a 3 sim due to slow Giffgaff speeds. I'm now getting 45Mbps (download) and 28 Mbps (upload) which is a tad better than what I was previously getting 😂

Lily Smiley Happy

Posted by Lily x Smiley Happy

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by: k89bpa
on: 02/05/2016 | 22:27
I switched from giffgaff to Tesco to Asda over the last two to three years.

I don't think that any of the O2 MVNOs are really worth being with if you care about data given my experiences with the three above. On a full signal, on 3G, Asda gives me almost triple the download speed that I managed with giffgaff and Tesco at their best.

That's absurd.

If there was a 100gb tariff on EE somewhere I'd probably get rid of my landline and just use their data. I'm amazed by my speeds on EE considering what I'm used to.
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by: mic_fin
on: 02/05/2016 | 22:31
I'm confused, are you saying that Giffgaff data is slower than o2?

I must get my notepad out and write all the aforementioned down....

This is a travesty.
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