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Walking — You're Doing It Wrong

Started by: magspider
On: 21/01/2019 | 23:12
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by: magspider
on: 21/01/2019 | 23:12


Apparently when walking we are all doing it wrong. We are all using the 'passive foot', not aligning our hips correctly, and even are using our arms wrong. Blame your parents for their laxity in tutoring you as a toddler.


No worry, though. Because expert in the matter Joanna Hall has tips to improve, and boost the fitness giving benefits:



[ No spiders were harmed in the making of this post ]

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by: frenchielove
on: 22/01/2019 | 07:14

Thanks for that, I do try to keep my posture correct when walking but I am not sure I fully understand all this? I do find walking uphill difficult so will try to keep this in mind

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by: ukrun
on: 22/01/2019 | 07:21
Thank you very much for information
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by: nefarius
on: 22/01/2019 | 07:22

If I was subscribed to Bazaar I would be able to learn how to walk properly and shed pounds! 

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by: majorincident
on: 22/01/2019 | 09:44

@magspider wrote:


Apparently when walking we are all doing it wrong. ... No worry, though. Because ...

there's an app for that available only from the Apple India. Smiley Frustrated

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by: kenralph
on: 22/01/2019 | 11:18

Remember we were told that sitting should be upright and now they say we should hunch and slouch. 

We were told red meat was good

Eggs were good

And now they are not

Walking...well I think it's a natural progression of leaning forwards, and putting one leg out to stop our fall, continuing to lean forwards, and using the other leg..and infinitum 

Humans have been walking upright for millennia, Harper's Bizzare (deliberate) have been in existence for less than 200 years, and the writer...well who knows.

Walking in a natural way wins hands down.

Because...well...that's nature

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by: bluenose5
on: 22/01/2019 | 11:33
So Do You start with the left foot first or the right foot first (walking). I Say it's your Left.
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by: dartgirl
on: 22/01/2019 | 11:57

Well I have been doing it long enough and still going strong. They say eggs are bad for you & Red wine. & Cheese .what's Next from the experts.  

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by: frenchielove
on: 22/01/2019 | 13:43

Apparently @dartgirl you will be pleased to know, apparently eggs are good for us now, as is proper butter, in fact natural stuff. As to walking, I really don’t know, I just do what comes natural 

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by: orlf
on: 25/01/2019 | 03:09
I seem to be able to fulfill my purpose of getting from one place to another, which is what I aim for when walking. While technique may add benefits, I'm hardly sure not adopting those techniques renders me as 'wrong'!
I'm Orlf. It's a Norwegian name.
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