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Well, I had a job centre appt today.

Started by: bantonm
On: 04/10/2016 | 19:37
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by: purple85
on: 04/10/2016 | 21:12
Good luck @bantonm hope it all works out well for you it...learn from it.
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by: bantonm
on: 04/10/2016 | 22:15

Thanks everyone. Most appreciated. Another problem hit me tonight. My elephones  battery has decided to swell up so I need to get that sorted. I have a feeling that I'll be fun.

Anyway head down for the night now on maccies. Sweet dreams everyone.

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by: ncc74656
on: 04/10/2016 | 22:19
The door is still open should you need it!
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by: islasdad
on: 04/10/2016 | 22:27

Oh wow, what a nightmare, best wishes.


don't want to bring you down but Crisis Loans are no longer available, the 'advance' offered is all the jobcentre can do. Your local council can offer a small grant but that is no more than a few quid.

A pal of mine had a benefit appeal going on and got no payments for 7months (only his disability) and all the council could offer was a 1 week food bank parcel and around 1/3 of the emergency grant that he applied for.

Luckily they reinstated his housing benefit as soon as the appeal went in.

I'm sure things will get better, yr a clever sharp type afterall. Good luck.


lets all be nice eh?
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by: bighairytoe
on: 04/10/2016 | 22:27
get to your local council and apply for hardship with them also local food banks will help you if you no food...disgusting to wait a month now to get any money off government
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by: mic_fin
on: 04/10/2016 | 22:46
I'd be straight in a brickies yard asking for work, any work. 10 quid a day for brushing up debris is better than nowt till your dole money arrives.
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by: k89bpa
on: 05/10/2016 | 00:39

I'd get the cheapest phone possible if I was you, (like a tenner from cpw), rather than spend more on a new battery for the elephone or a new smartphone.

You can do your job search using the computers in the job centre and use their phones to call prospective employers, they may even allow some other stuff like looking up housing and the like. For everything else book yourself onto the local library computers or as the local colleges if they have some scheme for internet access, (if you can access a course they run, via the JC or even one of their free ones, you'll get a student ID which will give you access to their machines.
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by: sarahaxon
on: 05/10/2016 | 01:00
Good luck. Sounds tough. Be strong. There's a whole community here backing you.
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by: dtuxcomp
on: 05/10/2016 | 02:54
@bantonm Keep plugging away at 'em, as mentioned above I've also heard that crisis loans etc have been done away with. As for your phone, normally I say any battery that swells needs getting shot of quick, but in your situation you don't need another outlay, so with the usual "don't do this at home" disclaimers I can tell you I had a phone that the battery swelled up on, I nursed about a year out of it, the battery life was almost zero but if plugged in and charging I could still use it, so if you have an in car charger you're set, but don't leave it charging unless you are watching it as they can potentially catch fire or burst. Good luck mate and keep us updated. D.
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by: jenifferhomes
on: 05/10/2016 | 06:18

iam so glad that you had an appointment, I hope u manage to get the unemployment moneys sorted out, and everything works out ok for you

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