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Wentworth prison

Started by: presty101
On: 28/08/2013 | 23:10
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by: presty101
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:10
So who watched it if you didnt you missed out Wednesday night tv jus got interesting
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by: danmullen
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:13 edited: 28/08/2013 | 23:14

The only Wentworth I remember was in "Prisoner: Cell Block H" - loved that show! Smiley Happy


Ah, just read that Channel 5 have done a remake!  Is that what you were referring to?

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by: simonefaye78
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:14
I watched it, just to see what it'd be like and I've gotta say I was pleasantly surprised. I think I'll be watching again next week. I remember watching prisoner cell block h way back when, which was alright, but I think this could be better
So anyway...
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by: presty101
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:14
Im too young fof that show I must download it to see wt I missed there
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by: metalhead
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:20
I enjoyed it. Well worth watching on 5 on demand for those that missed it.
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by: knick
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:21

The only prison where you got 6 months for murder,and another 6 months if you murder again.

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by: greengiants
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:28
Missed that😄 have to watch repeat
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by: liamkhan
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:28
Thought it was pretty fantastic, definitely lived up to the hype. Really can't wait for more! Too young to know what Cell Block H was but have read upon it and I remeber Bad Girls so I can't wait for more.

Channel 5 have been getting really great shows lately, it's so weird.
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Happy to help Smiley Happy
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by: shrewroo
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:34
Talking of Wentworth and Prison - the logical connection is Wentworth Miller in Prison break. Now that is a really awesome program! Incredible stuff. If you've not seen it then I would recommend it above and beyond anything else on TV, now or in the past.
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by: simonefaye78
on: 28/08/2013 | 23:42
Ah you're making me feel old now, saying youre too young to remember prisoner cell block h haha Smiley Happy it was a bit of a cult show back in the day, and definitely worth a watch so you can see where the origins of Wentworth prison lie. You'll probably see some similarities between some of the characters, then and now
So anyway...
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