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What Format?

Started by: davc
On: 31/01/2011 | 13:36
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by: davc
on: 31/01/2011 | 13:36

Hello All,


Could anyone advise me to what format I would have to convert an image, say jpg for example, so I can incorporate it in a normal txt message.


Thanks    Dave 

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by: 1hale
on: 31/01/2011 | 14:38
If you are talking about mms then it should automatically be converted into the right format when inserted into an mms message.
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by: rokster
on: 31/01/2011 | 15:17

u don't send them by sms use mms.

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by: davc
on: 31/01/2011 | 19:53

Thanks for the reply's, mistake, recieved what i thought was a normal txt and wanted to reply with one,


and yes it was an mms..........Durr! Smiley Sad

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