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What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Started by: rayman92
On: 26/04/2012 | 18:20
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by: matt1111
on: 26/04/2012 | 18:40

Rhetorical question. You need a chicken to make an egg, but how did the chicken get there? 


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by: stephenmiller
on: 26/04/2012 | 18:41 edited: 26/04/2012 | 18:43

I just read that scientist have identified a protein found in chicken eggs that is only produced inside a chickens ovaries, wether this means that the first egg came from a chicken or eggs themselves have mutated is another question...


Chickens are widely regarded to have evolved from the early dinosaur Archaeopteryx




Archaeopteryx laid eggs too

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by: wcssj
on: 26/04/2012 | 19:05


rayman92 wrote:

I keep thinking about the answer to this question but havn't found it Smiley Very Happy


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by: govgaff
on: 26/04/2012 | 21:14
The chicken, I posted a thread last week.. A hen laid a chick without an egg shell & it was healthy but the mother died of internal injuries. This obviously puts a twist on the age-old question of what came first the chicken or the egg. The chicken came first.
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by: pedromap
on: 26/04/2012 | 21:33
The winged dinosaurs according to some paleontologists. If you believe the evolution theory
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by: kitttykati
on: 26/04/2012 | 22:26
When I have nothing to do with my cadets (I'm a sea cadet instructor) I ask my cadets to talk about this for 1 min. Some of the things they say about it can be funny. Watching them try and find the answer and out smart the cadet before them. Really gets them thinking.
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by: the_joseph
on: 26/04/2012 | 22:54

The egg.


Dinosaurs laid eggs. Millions of years before Chickens evolved.


Now if you ask which came first the Chicken or the Chicken egg...

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