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What happens if you ignore court summons

Started by: metalhead
On: 12/02/2014 | 18:21
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by: metalhead
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:21

Hi, as i've said on these pages before i have an unsavoury character (thats being polite) who lives in the flat above me who i would rather not be up there.....drugs, noise etc. Anyway, i know he doesn't pay anyone so as far as i can understand he has received a court summons for later this month....knowing him as i do he most likely won't attend. Its for non-payment of Council Tax. What will happen when they find he hasn't showed up....simply fine him in his absense or will they send the Police out for him. The number of debt letters that arrive for him is unbelievable he clearly does not pay anyone. The housing association are also keen to speak to him but they tell me he ignores all calls, doesn't respond to letters they send and recently when he knew they were coming round for a chat he deliberately went out (2 separate occasions). Hiring a hitman isn't an option. Any legal eagles out there?

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by: triggs2013
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:26
Erm he will have a hefty fine... Warrant out fir his arrest...prison time and chucked out mate
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by: woodyuk
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:26

If it's council tax then normaly the court will just order an attachment of earnings which takes a fixed amount every week or month from his wages or benefits so that he has no option but to pay because the money is stopped at source before it ever gets to him.

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by: mark1101b
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:29
Sounds like sooner or later he will get an eviction notice..
If he ignores that . There will be a court order for baliffs to attend. And issue forced eviction. . Again with council tax. . He can and could well be going away. At her majs pleasure. Maybe a month inside. . Maybe if your lucky. He will do a runner. .
He may already have a warrent out for his arrest. Non payment of fines. . .
But. He is on thin ice as it were.
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by: ksteach
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:31

Police will not be involved at this stage as civil debt

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by: dawncn69
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:32
The court will go ahead in his absence.

The council tax summons is only stage one so that the council can go to bailiff action to recover the debt. If he is so unsociable then the housing association can start eviction proceedings, particularly for non payment of rent.

You need to keep complaining to them about antisocial issues...and if drugs are involved, call the police. This will establish a record of complaints which will aid the authorities in dealing with him.

Good luck - it can be a long process....
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by: purplej
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:33
If it's a court summons for council tax then all that happens is the court will decide if he is liable for the debt he doesn't have to go to court tho. If the court decide he is liable then he will receive a CCJ (county court judgment ) & a letter to arrange payments then if he still doesn't pay it's upto the council to issue bailiffs or in some cases apply to the courts again & go for a prison sentence
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by: mcilwraith
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:34

if he`s on the dole.he`ll get away with a money order coming out of his probably will never cover what he owes

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by: clinteastwood43
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:37
He sounds a nightmare :-!
He'll get whats coming to him
Aw ye don't need that.
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by: metalhead
on: 12/02/2014 | 18:45
There was 2 heavies here a few days ago they were clearly bailiffs. They left a note for him regarding an unpaid HMCTS court fine?? So its not a one off. He also clearly doesn't pay catalog bills, water rates or rent arrears...there is a Notice of Possession Order already against him but i believe that is step 1 and a long way from eviction. Its a nice house here but there's always been one rotten egg in here and he's it. I'm hoping all this debt thats mounting up will make him do a runner one day and i genuinely believe that will happen. I'm sick to death of complaining to the housing manager about him i must come across as a proper Victor Meldrew. If the courts do just add to his bill then he's not gonna be concerned about that. I was quite hoping the Police would turn up and cuff him but thats just wishful thinking on my part. He does work but all that money goes on drugs/booze and certainly not bills or carpets (yeah 18 months in and not one carpet or curtain). The guy just makes my blood boil. Smiley Sad
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