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What will make England a Better Team?

Started by: kinggeneral
On: 28/06/2016 | 13:48
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by: solid247
on: 28/06/2016 | 20:35
to make a better team we need to have more kids playing again over 800 teams disbanded in the last twenty years in durham alone.......... theres your answer the players are not as good as they were, and the majority are playing xbox...... ppppph lol
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by: andyslc
on: 28/06/2016 | 20:43
Players that want to play for their country. It used to be that playing for your country was the greatest pride that could be bestowed upon a player. Watch the players of smaller teams like Albania, Iceland, Slovakia and you ll see that they want to be there and it's a matter of pride. I get the feeling that with England it comes across as they don't have the same passion and pride in wearing their national shirt. Too much money in the domestic game and not enough investment in youth football. There is a reason the Germans are so good and we perhaps should look there for inspiration.
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by: eileenusher
on: 28/06/2016 | 20:49
@baconbuttyyes true the under 21's but that's a farce also realy,the true problem is they have no passion or real pride for playing for there national team,other country's you've only got too look at there players they realy have passion and pride in there country,they really want to bring that trophy home for there country,just look at Spain there fans in tears,the team some of them looking like they might cry,most hanging there heads in shame at being knocked out,England fans yep upset but more likely to start jeering at the team,instead of supporting them no matter what,not great that when team trying to play a game,ok some of the so called fans are knobs there not true fans they go for trouble etc,and there the ones who are likely to jeer there own team,the larger majority are try fans and dont jeer,
But you don't here them supporting there team with noise like you do others did you hear Iceland there fans at fantastic,the England players after loosing dont look like they could care less when walking off too be honest,and I dont think they do much after all they'll go back to there clubs and still get paid the big bucks.
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by: shockey
on: 28/06/2016 | 20:54

 The game has slowly been going down hill since way back when hoddle had the job

    Like venables before him they both had a clear game plan and the players all new it and played it

      This England team had no spine 

   And no belief in what they were doing 




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by: grandadbob
on: 28/06/2016 | 20:56


if I die before I wake, nancaz can my payback take
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by: yuwa
on: 28/06/2016 | 21:48
rooney, hart and wilshere should all follow hodgson to china

not picking best players for the tournament - was the main reason for failure i'd say

although kane didn't deliver, other in-form players never got the proper chance except for dier who i think delivered.. same old team brings same old result..
we need to fully trust the young lions to bring better results in the future
we need to fully trust
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by: marct
on: 28/06/2016 | 21:59

If this was a recent thing then it might be easier to pinpoint a cause, but England have been failing for 50 years.

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by: kinggeneral
on: 28/06/2016 | 22:01
Need a big change in strategy jus go all out and attack attack attack use your players in an all formation of attack will at least increase the chance of a goal...
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by: cps15966
on: 28/06/2016 | 22:15

England always seem to be lazy with the ball in passing and fannying about when they have the ball. God knows how many times I watched England players do a sort of one man tango for 10 seconds when they had the ball before passing it.


The ball should be treated almost like a hot potato and there should be a rule that you either run with the ball or pass it on within 2 seconds. 


We should also get 2 or 3 pairings in a team where there is some serious gelled players.


Whenever anyone was on the ball, nobody seemed to move into space or want to create anything. They just stood there a lot of the time expecting it to come to their feet.


What we need is competitive players with gelling, a good manager with drive and proper motivation and creative fresh and fast on their feet players who get paid less than the Rooneys of the world so have that extremely fire and motivation to go places. People like Rooney are solid players but lack real drive in a team and have lost that brilliant creative skills that you to appear much more frequently.




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