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When do you

Started by: trudy81
On: 10/01/2019 | 05:40
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by: trudy81
on: 10/01/2019 | 05:40

Stop saying happy new year? 


It's nice and all but it's been and gone now. I'm still hearing people say it like it's IS new years Day! All enthusiastic and jumping around. 


When do you think the cut off point should be? 

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by: nefarius
on: 10/01/2019 | 06:53

Whenever 👍

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by: gvmhb
on: 10/01/2019 | 07:43
Somebody said it to me yesterday, and I felt then that it's wearing a bit thin.
We're in 2019 now and it's time to get on with life Smiley Wink
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by: ray2
on: 10/01/2019 | 08:13

I do get what your saying,although i met with a friend yesterday but rather than saying happy new year i asked how their new year went. Out partying all night and puking all morning Smiley Very Happy

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by: goofygirl
on: 10/01/2019 | 08:22
On the first of the month
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by: majorincident
on: 10/01/2019 | 08:28

In the first week is fine.

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by: amandaduddy
on: 10/01/2019 | 09:51

When ever you want to stop saying happy new year but lot of people I speak to have stop saying happy new year x

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by: standardbearer
on: 10/01/2019 | 10:05
Happy New Year
Ill have a beer
so ill see you here
But where's it gone ?
So long
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by: c_lockett
on: 10/01/2019 | 10:33
I just generally say it to people I know when I meet them. But mostly that's done by now anyway, and if I won't see them I text them Happy New Year.
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