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Will she do a Cameron?

Started by: techiebloke
On: 15/01/2019 | 21:02
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by: techiebloke
on: 15/01/2019 | 21:02

As she has already said she won't contest the next Election as leader and now holds the record for the largest defeat in Governemt history, is it now May's 'Thatcher moment'?


I somehow think she'll go but I dread to think who might take over.



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by: weetinamc
on: 15/01/2019 | 21:13

surely she has to step down 

but like you @techiebloke who would take over

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by: acetech
on: 15/01/2019 | 21:26
I'd think she'd have to, but not sure who we'll be left with.
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by: alancree
on: 15/01/2019 | 22:11
She won't go as the Conservative plan is to leave without a deal. It has been since day 1 and we the normal people will pay for it.
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by: tonicurtis1967
on: 15/01/2019 | 23:46
They just need to call a general election
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by: andyslc
on: 16/01/2019 | 00:15

I think her post vote speech was pretty dignified in fairness. Mind you she’s had a month to prepare it. She won’t go unless she loses no confidence vote. Conservatives can’t hold one for 12 months and Corbyn has no hope of winning. One thing sure to unite every Conservative MP and the DUP is the prospect of Corbyn in no 10. She ll stay until at least we either leave or stay if the government wins tomorrow. 


Personally I wish Corbyn hadn’t bothered. There’s precious little time as it is without wasting anymore, 

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by: frenchielove
on: 16/01/2019 | 07:25

I did feel a but sorry for her last night and I thought she looked quite poorly, is it a case of better the devil you know? 

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by: lpwilliams
on: 16/01/2019 | 07:27

IF a general election is called, then she has to step down.  She has said she will not contest the next one!


There should be quite a lot of jostling in Conservative Towers over the coming days.

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by: catweazle1961
on: 16/01/2019 | 07:32

Two pieces of text from the official government pamphlet that was delivered to every household in the 2016 referendum campaign (paid for by the UK people, by the way) 


'This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.' 


'The EU referendum is a once in a generation decision.'

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by: mahooli
on: 16/01/2019 | 07:52

I don't think she will, I think she is determined to see this through. Not sure calling a General Election now is the best thing for this country when we are so close to the leaving date. I wish politicians were more for the people (as they should be) rather being the self-serving bunch they are. It really is about time they put the country first not their own views. They are supposed to represent their constituents, the people, not their own agenda. Sadly that happens as soon as they are elected, all good intentions out the window.

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