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Winners Announced [Creative Answer Competition]

Started by: christian_b
On: 30/05/2013 | 15:14
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by: xxnextenxx
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:08
I would tell you, but my brain just looked so good!
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by: albertlambertsen
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:17

all i could hear was Rip, Rip wake up Rip and now look at me.....

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by: mannionwatkins
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:23
been flashed by the giffgaff from Samsung galaxy outer spaceship
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by: spoon1185
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:24

 'You have just awoken as a Zombie. How did it happen?'


Entry 1:


When George A. Romero asked for extras for his new film I should probably have checked the terms and conditions.


Entry 2:


Screenplay in the style of Rorschach (from the Watchmen). Entitled "Darkness".


*Dusk is descending around London*


Spoon1185's journal (03/June/2013): There is a great evil at work here tonight, I can feel it. The stench of fear pervades the streets; people hurry to and fro with meaningless direction creating an uncanny resemblence of an ants nest. Like them, I can sense the disturbance. Unlike them, I have far great ability at discerning the source.


*Spoon1185 slips out from a shadowy archway and begins following an entourage of black-cloaked figures*


A shaggy-haired man, in his late forties, dominated the group - his walking stick rapping on the floor at regular intervals. He murmurs to the two men flanking him but nothing is discernible; he abruptly takes a right turn and disappears into the shadowy depths of an alleyway - his acolytes are more hesitant but follow him nonetheless. Spoon1185 pauses a moment, cursing Doctor christian_b for deserting him again before plunging into the darkness. Advancing through the silent blackness, Spoon1185 becomes increasingly aware of the sound of his footsteps - each one reverberating like drum beat. Presently, Spoon1185 arrives at a disused warehouse, the door slightly ajar revealing a slit of light from inside. Spoon1185 cautiously steps up to the door, placing his ear to it and slowing his breath so as to focus. Nothing.


Stepping gingerly inside, Spoon1185 takes in his surroundings - on the nearest wall a decaying poster advertises some sort of phone network. Across the room there is another shabby poster and another phone network but on the poster on the wall to his right, Spoon1185 notices something different. The poster is headlined, "Latest Giffgaff Deals" and beneath it reads, "become a Zombie and win a Samsung Galaxy S3". Spoon1185 takes down the poster to reveal a T9 safe - familiar with layout because of his out of date and embarrassingly old phone, he quickly taps in a number:




Entry 3:


Zombification: what happens when you try to get through to Orange customer service.

NB: My entries are my own, I haven't read many of the others because I wanted a clean slate to come up with something Smiley Tongue please don't steal and good luck to everyone else!


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by: zoeawesome
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:28

How did what happen? i think they ate my hippocampus

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by: agentxii
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:42

I was biten by the postman or was it his dog 

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by: mrtango
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:50

I started up the BBQ on this sunny day and what do you know, the Zombie awoke.

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by: stephen_f
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:54

You have just awoken as a Zombie. How did it happen?'


Because Chuck Norris said so.

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by: sammiedavey
on: 03/06/2013 | 19:56
I was heading to the shops then suddenley a wierd looking man came out from the road dribbling, i thought he was just staring at my boobs but then he started to make noises like he was getting arosed it was only when i approched him i realised he had blood around his mouth i shouted to the man "oi you have blood around your mouth from your dinner" the man didnt listern and just carried on coming towards me. then the man replied there is something on your neck ill lick it off. not thinking any different i said ok next thing i know i have woken up dribbling and making weird noises like im arosed.
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by: sepp
on: 03/06/2013 | 20:01

Just before I went to bed last night, I listened to a Party Political broadcast by the Bories and Fib Dems, I wasn't sure how but it affected me in some strange way, so much so, that I even remember thinking "shall I join them? I was horrified that I was actually thinking that.

Well, I then went to bed and this morning when I woke up, I found I was a zombie. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw what I had become and thought to myself, "surely I didn't actually join them, I'm sure I was only thinking about it!

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