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Wishing Giffgaff friends a wonderful day

Started by: gwpreston
On: 29/03/2018 | 12:49
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by: gwpreston
on: 25/03/2019 | 17:30


Wish you a warm and safe evening mate @gwpreston


   Good evening mate same to you too, enjoy yourself. 

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by: ta_zara
on: 25/03/2019 | 17:36

Good afternoon @bobrobinson @coco_bean101 @tids @peterhall0012 @jmart62 @kayden16 @4128334 

Wishing you a wonderful evening ahead.

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by: tids
on: 25/03/2019 | 17:42



Good evening my friend 

Wishing you a very happy Monday night

Take care 😁😁😁

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by: tricia3006
on: 25/03/2019 | 17:57
Evening @ta_zara. Been a beautiful day here in the sunshine. Hope you’ve had s good start to your week 😊
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by: natty88
on: 25/03/2019 | 18:20

@ta_zara  good evening hope you've had a great day

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by: clikasarus
on: 25/03/2019 | 19:02

@gwpreston A very good evening to you also have a great night 👍🏻

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by: giffered
on: 25/03/2019 | 19:04
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by: spiritquest
on: 25/03/2019 | 19:08
Congratulations to your son! Enjoy your night!
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by: goofygirl
on: 25/03/2019 | 19:10
Fabulous evening to you hope your day has been a good one
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by: caro120
on: 25/03/2019 | 19:10 edited: 25/03/2019 | 19:17


Good morning @gwpreston @alina1028 @themzbiker @tired16   and all other giffgaffers..have a good day

Walked quite a bit yest over chichester so short and quiet day today.. got up late and slobbed about with a warm cat on lap watching flogits and similar stuff.


One based at Wareham, went there the other year.. lovely saxon church on way in from station.  Got huge memorial to Lawrence of Arabia, it takes up most of the aisle, gets in the way and he's not even buried there as far as I remember.. one of his friends organised it but hideous carving, the best bits being camels at the feet but it's sort of larger than life and an ugly thing - I guess they're stuck with it..  Very easy to trip over it while admiring the more elegant saxon carving of angels on the wall!



My mistake, the angels are at bradford on avon church, another saxon church and wareham has some wall painting that quite tricky to study (don't fall over the memorial!)

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