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Words Of Hope And Encouragement

Started by: aquarius123
On: 13/04/2016 | 13:05
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by: aquarius123
on: 13/04/2016 | 13:05 edited: 13/04/2016 | 13:16

Do not cross any bridges until they come into view.
Do not waste time wondering what you’re going to do
Should you meet disaster or adversity.
It may never happen, it may never be.

Anticipating future trouble is more than foolish.
Wait until you are up against some of it
And then trust your Highest Self to intervene.
Pray that something unexpected and unforeseen
Is waiting for you round the corner,
To help you and change everything.

Situations alter, so never waste time worrying.
Instead, in your mind build bridges of faith and trust
That through your inner guidance God and the Angels
Are sure to guide you successfully through anything.

Patience Strong
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

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by: natty88
on: 13/04/2016 | 13:11
Lovely post @aquarius123 but would be best posted in general topics forum my friend thanks Smiley Happy
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by: germansheppard234
on: 13/04/2016 | 13:33
Like it but wants moving to discussion forum, u r in help section a lot won't see it, cheers
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by: beautiful01
on: 13/04/2016 | 14:36

Good words 

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by: purple85
on: 13/04/2016 | 15:28
Lovely words it...learn from it.
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by: abby82
on: 13/04/2016 | 16:00
nice thnxs mate
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by: aquarius123
on: 14/04/2016 | 14:41

Eternity Is Today


Today - Today is part of Eternilty - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement


Every new day is a source of mystery
In which the past, present and future are one.
It is like a river in which each drop of water
Is linked to its tiny spring on a distant mountain slope,
As well as one of our world’s far away blue oceans.

In just the same way this today of ours is part of Eternity,
Every precious moment of every day that’s where we dwell.
Eternity is not something to be waited for until leaving the physical plane.
Knowing this demands that we live in a manner that is worthy of it,
So when reaching the other side we can look back on ourselves with gladness.

Emptying our hearts and souls of the concerns
Of our lower nature, like vengefulness, hatred and greed,
Raises our consciousness into the desires of our Highest Self.
Our whole being fills with kindness, compassion and love for all life.
Now, at long last we are worthy of Eternity.

Ku Sang 1984
Edited by Aquarius


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‘Words Of Wisdom, Hope & Encouragement’


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by: aquarius123
on: 15/04/2016 | 13:37

Life Is A Gift And A Blessing


Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Hope And Encouragement - Life Is A Gift And A Blessing


All life is a precious gift and a blessing from the highest levels of life to ours. Every one of us has something special to contribute and in the fullness of time is destined to evolve into a blessing for our whole world. Knowing that God is as much in you and me as in everybody else, live your life joyfully and scatter blessings wherever you go. As children of the Highest Star and the brightest light, the Sun beyond the Sun, every blessing brings a ray of light to those who are blessed. Here is some expert advice how to go about it:

Blessing is to acknowledge the unlimited good and abundance which is embedded in the very texture of the Universe and waiting to be called upon and tapped into by each and every one of us. Therefore, upon waking up every morning, bless the new day ahead and know that already it is filled with the unseen good your blessings are going to bring forth for those you bless.

On passing people in the street, on the bus, in places of work and play, bless them. The peace of your blessing will accompany them on their way and the aura of its gentle shine will light their path.

When meeting and talking to people, bless their health, their work, their joy, all their relationships, the one with God, themselves and all others. Bless their finances, so they may become abundant. Bless them in every conceivable way, as every blessing you send out plants seeds of healing, comfort and healing which one day will grow as flowers of joy in the waste places of your own life.

As you walk, bless the city in which you live, its government and teachers, nurses and street sweepers, children and bankers, priests as well as prostitutes. The minute anyone expresses the least aggression or unkindness to you, respond with a blessing. Bless them unconditionally, sincerely and joyfully, so that your blessing acts as a shield that protects them against committing misdeeds out of ignorance of their true nature. At the same time it deflects the arrows anyone may aim at you.

Blessing means to wish unconditionally and totally unrestricted good for others. The desire to do this rises to the surface of your consciousness from the deepest innermost wellspring of your being. It reveals to those in charge of you on the higher and highest levels of life that you revere and  kneel before our Creator’s gifts. Pray that those who receive your blessings will be made whole and therefore holy. Blessing invokes the special attention of the Divine to bring health and wellbeing to the people you are sending it to. We ourselves cannot provide any of these things, but merely act as channels through which life’s abundance flows.

To bless all without any discrimination is the ultimate form of giving and the best thing is that those you bless will never know who sent them the sudden rays of Sun that burst through the clouds surrounding them. Although you are unlikely to ever actually see the light each blessing brings into another’s life, you can rely on it that it will be there.

When something goes completely wrong in your day, an unexpected event knocks you down and your plans to pieces, bless the situation because life is teaching you a lesson, and the very event you believe to be unwanted, in truth you yourself called forth, so that you should learn a certain lesson against you would otherwise balk. Bless everything that comes your way, because everything that happens is always a blessing – only sometimes it comes in disguise. You can be sure that the Angels are always there to pick you up and get you going again, if you but trust.

Blessing is an acknowledgement of the omnipresent, universal beauty of the things that to this day are hidden from earthly eyes. It activates the law of attraction which, even from the furthest reaches of the Universe  can bring into your life exactly what you need in any given moment to experience and enjoy.

Passing a prison, mentally bless its inmates. Bless their true nature of innocence, goodness, gentleness and kindness, the pure essence of their being and send them unconditional forgiveness. Also bless their small earthly self who is as yet unaware of the higher aspects of its own nature. Bear in mind that everyone at some time or another is a prisoner of their self-image, that in the courtyard of a jail people who are free and unshackled on their inner level, and that citizens of countries where freedom reigns can be prisoners if their hearts and thoughts are filled with too many earthly desires and fear.

Passing a hospital, bless the wholeness of all its patients, as during the time of their suffering their wholeness is waiting to be re-discovered and return to them. When you see someone in tears and/or seemingly broken by life, bless their vitality and joy and with this help it to return to them. Remind yourself frequently that our material senses frequently present an inverted image of the ultimate splendour and perfection which can be perceived when our inner vision develops.

As it is impossible to bless someone and judge them at the same time, hold constantly on to your deep and hallowed desire to bless and heal all you meet. This helps you to evolve into a true healer, maker of peace and bringer of light, who one day will be able to recognise the presence of God in everything.

Bless Mother Earth and all her kingdoms, human and animal, vegetable and mineral, for each one of them is giving us of their abundance. Bless the powerful spiritual force that is constantly at work behind the scenes of our earthly existence. Angels and Masters, spirit guides and helpers are doing their best to bring God’s great evolutionary plan into manifestation here, ensuring that we and our world are moving ever forwards on the upwards winding spiral of life. This great force of light from the highest levels of life is the most essential part of everything on our planet. It brings us into this life, sustains us while we are here and takes us out of it again, when the time for doing so has come. Without this force there would be no life on the Earth. Guiding and protecting all of it, as well as that which exists anywhere else in the whole of Creation, this force assists us and Mother Earth with our personal and collective evolution.

It is the power behind the throne of God and all physical manifestation, from its lowest to its highest point, connecting every part of life anywhere upwards through the spheres with the most elevated levels. This force, invisible to earthly eyes, works through each physical aspect of Mother Earth as well as with all other planets in existence anywhere in the whole of Creation. Spiritually, there is no separation between any form of life, on all its levels and therefore no such thing as splendid isolation. All is of one construction and together forms one harmonious whole.

What to this day appears to be erroneous, evil and destructive in our world, has behind it the power, wisdom and love of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, who designs and with the help of the forces of light carries out its evolutionary plan to perfection. This is the power that guides and links all lifeforms with each other and in the end brings good out of apparent evil.

Our world would not be complete without you and me, and everybody else. So now go ahead and bless with all your heart and soul. Every one of us is a ray of light and each blessing we send out brings light to those  who are blessed. And when it returns – as it inevitably will – it increases the vibration of our own body of light, that of Mother Earth and all humankind.

Bless all who are sharing your lifepath with you and bless those who are ceaselessly toiling in the background of life, unseen to earthly eyes, behind the realities of Earth life. Bless your family and friends, but why stop there? Bless every one of your siblings in the great family of humankind.


Recommended Viewing:
•    ‘The Gentle Art Of Blessing’

From ‘The Gentle Art Of Blessing’
By Pierre Pradervand
Edited by Aquarius

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•    ‘Our World Needs You’
•    ‘You Are Special’


* * *


From ‘Words Of Wisdom, Hope & Encouragement’


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by: aquarius123
on: 16/04/2016 | 14:05

The Long And Winding Road


Rays of Wisdom - Wisdom From the Tree of Life -The Long and winding road


On the long and winding road through life there are times
When decisions have to be made,
Choices are hard to come by, solutions scarce
And constant downpours threaten to ruin our parade.

When that happens, all we can do is let go
And move, praying for courage and strength,
And then handing the lead over to the living God within,
To show us the way forwards to a new dawn.

With this help a way will always be found.
And although it’s true that the process of change often is tough,
We need to think about all the good things that lie ahead,
If only we remain steadfast and patiently wait for them.

Round the very next bend of the road
There could be adventures we would never
Have dared to imagine even in our wildest dreams.
For those who dare to challenge the status quo
Hopes and wishes may come true in ways we cannot yet perceive
And new friendships found along the way.

There are so many options in life,
And different ways in which it is possible to grow.
Perhaps we shall visit places we never thought existed or
Explore things that have not been tried by anyone before.
Maybe we’ll travel to fabulous faraway worlds
And visit wondrous places where we find
Warmth, affection, loving and caring
From folks who could have been waiting for us.

Maybe they will listen with interest
To the experiences and feelings we have to share.
In their midst we may find someone
Who supports us in all we do
And believes in us and the decisions we make,
Because they know that they are good and wise for us,
Even though they may not be for anyone else.

Therefore, one foot in front of the other,
Let’s take life one step and one day at a time,
Confident that a brighter tomorrow is sure to come,
As long as we trust and follow our inner guidance,
Without ever looking back,
For that’s not the way we are meant to go.

Edited by Aquarius


From ‘Words Of Wisdom, Hope & Encouragement’


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