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Yippee May payback in

Started by: jeank
On: 06/06/2018 | 17:22
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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 06/06/2018 | 19:42
Hi Jean😁

Hope your enjoying your holiday🥂

And a big cheers to Giffgaff for payback🥂

Happy holidays🌴

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by: jeank
on: 06/06/2018 | 19:45
Yea having a fab time Yvonne thanks ...enjoy ur payback 😎
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by: 7whales
on: 06/06/2018 | 19:48

Yep, just signed in to my GG account and the PB points for May are now there, a full day early.


Thanks, GG !


@jeank, sounds like you're having a superfine trip, enjoy it. Remember to keep turning over when by the pool or beaches there, to not get too suntaned too muchly. Even tans are more comfy, and the suntan lotion helps too.


How was your flight across the pond?



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by: acetech
on: 06/06/2018 | 19:48

jeank wrote:

Thanks will do.... Somerset is amazing also .. we love it there as well 

It's not an area I'm overly familiar with as yet but there's some lovely scenery, my in laws have a caravan just outside Othery we went last year too, really enjoyed it.


Never been to Florida but it looks amazing, would love to go one day... Not so sure my wife's so keen though.

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by: jeank
on: 06/06/2018 | 19:53
Yea we caravanned many years ago in Devon Cornwall and Somersett ... fab. you will enjoy ..
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by: jeank
on: 06/06/2018 | 19:56
Yea great flight with Thomson or Tui as the are now called 🚄🛫
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by: margaretbaxter
on: 06/06/2018 | 20:26

wow thank's giffgaff that was a surprise amount of pay back

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by: weetinamc
on: 06/06/2018 | 20:35

a happy day for all

i`m very pleased with mine

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by: mij_sky
on: 06/06/2018 | 20:37
Don't spend it all on your holiday
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by: kirstyfellows17
on: 06/06/2018 | 21:12
@weetinamc sorry to ask but has everyone received there payback now? I've got a considerable amount considering I haven't been on here much. I have selected my method as cash a couple of weeks ago. I screen shot too.
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