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career finance 4 trade skills limited

Started by: mememememememememe
On: 25/03/2013 | 12:27
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by: mememememememememe
on: 25/03/2013 | 12:27
Is this company legit? Someone who lived in my house in the past has a 5k debt. I have been receiving letters for years. First from this company then from cabot finance, who use evactly the same paper and headers for their letters, and today I have received a letter from FIRE who the net tells me are also cabot finance.

Has anyone had dealings with these companys?

Iv sent each an email asking them not to contact me with little success.
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by: carolinel
on: 25/03/2013 | 12:33
i take it the letters are not in your name. we get a lot for past tenants and send them back not at this address. if they loop coming we just through them away.
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by: wulfie2010
on: 25/03/2013 | 12:38
3 names. Blatantly 1 company?
It's a scam and on the off chance that it's not they have some very suspect business practices.
Bin them and don't waste your time opening the things..
If at first you don't succeed try, try again.. Then give up, there's no use being a fool about it.
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by: tom144000
on: 25/03/2013 | 12:44
Send your findings of the link above to the company director insisting that you are removed from their database. Also, write saying that if they respond then they are entering into a contract whereby you will charge £x for reading each letter received from them. (x should be a really high figure)
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by: pedromap
on: 25/03/2013 | 13:26
go to staples and make your own stamp saying return to sender no longer lives at this address --- simples!!!!
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by: rhodeatlas
on: 25/03/2013 | 13:43
The three companies are legit. Send a letter back advising debtor does not live there. Send it by recorded or registered post. If the letters keep coming then you can make a complaint to their governing body and or department of justice.
Finally you are not liable for the debt and will appear on credit searches under yours or any family members name.

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by: rhodeatlas
on: 25/03/2013 | 13:44
inally you are not liable for the debt and will NOT appear credit searches under yours or any family members name.

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by: tom144000
on: 25/03/2013 | 13:49
legit does not = credible
The director has had 11 companies, many just dissolve.
They owe more out than they have in the bank.
It's all stuff you can find on the Internet.
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by: mememememememememe
on: 25/03/2013 | 22:27
Hey guys, thanks for all the replys. I know I'm not liable to pay, its just the worry of bailifs and police and things. This FIRE company got me worried.

I had been returning to sender for ages but they kept comeing and as the first company didn't sound threatening I thought it could have been something important. So I opend it to tell the old housemate. I also told that company. And asked then to stop.

They did stop but then started with cabot finance instead. I returned to sender for a while then opend one. This company use the exact same paper as the train for skills company. What! But yea I emailed them and said don't contact me and they didn't.

Then fire started.

@tom144000 I haven't seen that information I looksed through a few forums but onone said anything out of the norm. But 11 companys under I'm sure its a scam now. Glad its not me involved. Maybe these companys will go under and leave me alone.
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by: busman1
on: 25/03/2013 | 23:10
Never open mail that's not got your name 💩 return or bin. It's not your job to inform them who lives there, very simple to find who lives in a house ah? They are fishing, I had 3 years of letters , never opened one lol
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