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giffgaff Visited My House?! and a GAFFTA!

Started by: bethanaaay
On: 25/11/2014 | 19:56
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by: bethanaaay
on: 25/11/2014 | 19:56

To say I had an odd day yesterday is a bit of an understatement Smiley Very Happy

Yesterday morning, I received an ambiguous PM from @hazel22 asking if I would be at home between 12.30 and 1.30pm. Smiley Indifferent Assuming I was just waiting for a parcel to arrive with a giffgaff USB or a Rubiks cube, I told her I would be in, and she said that's great, a surprise would be coming for me.


Just before 1.30, there was a knock at the door. My mum opened it to find @amy_b_d in front of her, asking for me? Smiley Very Happy I came downstairs, and on my doorstep were a bunch of giffgaff people, including... 2 PEOPLE DRESSED AS PENGUINS!!! Smiley Surprised 

The penguins were very excited to see me - one called 'Beth' and one called 'anaaay', both looking for bethanaaay! Smiley Very Happy They were absolutely hilarious, and I was just speechless. They gave me my favourite chocolate bars (a Double Decker, a Boost, and 2 Peanut Butter KitKat Chunkys - which I'd mentioned in a thread yonks ago), did a sketch about me, and then they said "Bethanaaay, we would like to invite you to the giffgaff GAFFTAs awards ceremony!" Smiley Surprised I still hadn't recovered my ability to speak, so once I'd mustered together an 'Okay then!', it dissolved further into madness Smiley Very Happy


One of the penguins whipped out a massive disco ball, and I was walked down my little path onto the pavement, where I danced with the penguins... a penguin dance, of course Smiley Wink At which point, I was awarded a GAFFTA for being a "Unite-er"!!      


Penguin     Penguin2


Honestly, it was the most bizarre 10 minutes of my life. Smiley Tongue But I flipping loved it, and I honestly cannot thank everyone enough - the people who nominated me, the judges, the staff, everyone who organised it, the people who came... everyone. I'm honestly so flattered (I barely stopped weeping yesterday afternoon) that even 1 person would think I deserve it. It was such an amazing experience, really personal, and I loved it Smiley Happy I'll never forget it.


Thank you giffgaff Heart


And here's my GAFFTA in all its glory:




(P.S. @gordie10 Secret's out now, you don't have to pretend you don't know anymore Smiley Wink)

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by: carissa89
on: 25/11/2014 | 19:59
That is awesome well done Smiley Happy x
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by: danshevik
on: 25/11/2014 | 19:59


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by: pamfletch
on: 25/11/2014 | 20:01
Wow, hun that was a nice surprise, well done on your Gaffta, surely well deservedSmiley Wink
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by: blastie11
on: 25/11/2014 | 20:02
Cool, nice wee description of your surprise....well done 👍
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by: damaclass
on: 25/11/2014 | 20:03

Congrats thast awesome definitely a day to remember-well done!! Smiley Happy

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by: nerakb
on: 25/11/2014 | 20:04

You desreve the recognition @bethanaaay 


Well done Smiley HappySmiley Wink

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by: formulaone
on: 25/11/2014 | 20:04
Wow!! Well done!! And congratulations to you!! Smiley Happy
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by: x22
on: 25/11/2014 | 20:08
That is just awesome Pingu. I'm jealous now 😄
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by: jameyliles79
on: 25/11/2014 | 20:08
Well done 😊
don't worry be happy
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