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how do I report threats on Facebook

Started by: tehmoor98
On: 09/01/2014 | 00:55
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by: tehmoor98
on: 09/01/2014 | 00:55
I know someone who's getting harassment on Facebook I don't know what to do how do I report it
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by: zainabali2013
on: 09/01/2014 | 00:58
I'm not sure if you can report it directly but I think you can report the persons FB page
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by: cps15966
on: 09/01/2014 | 01:11
Hi tehmoor

It depends how serious the threat is, threats of death are against the law and punishable at worst case with imprisonment, these really are police matters and your friend should gather as much evidence for the police. Save page screen shots, messages etc for this.

Harassment, bullying etc I think is firstly dealt with through facebook. Here is a link which you may find interesting ans should tell you all you need to know.

Good luck with getting this stopped quickly Smiley Happy
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by: mark1101b
on: 09/01/2014 | 01:16

What are the threats ?

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by: sarabum
on: 09/01/2014 | 01:22
Hi Smiley Happy

I'm sorry to hear you know someone in this stituwation.
Its very sad to hear my friend went through a simlar problem but did not tell anyone for ages.

If you report the persons facebook for harrasment and nasty messages then they will suggest that the friend blocks and removes the person from facebook

There are also many websites that can help with cyber bullying. (As this acures in all ages and not just in children ect)

If they are threating the person to the extinct were the person is very scared or are sending death threaths then I would suggest going to the police.
This may be scary to the person/friend you know going through the threats as they may think it will make it worse.

There are many ways off getting the problem sorted.
I suggest your friend tells someone in the early stages before things get worse (if this is the case)

Also tell them to unfriend and also report and then block the bully as this will help them not be in contact so the messages from the person should stop because noone can contact you after you have blocked them

Its important he/she does not delete any messages though. As everything is used in evidance even through reporting on facebook.

Hope I helped.
Sara x
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by: tehmoor98
on: 09/01/2014 | 02:00
My friend doesn't want to tell anyone about it and it's been going on for weeks he has only told me now after I had a long chat about him not being himself this past week and the person is blackmailing him into giving him money
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by: mark1101b
on: 09/01/2014 | 02:07



Blackmail ? for what..? Im sorry to pry..but im trying to get a pic in my head to give you the best advice....


If its serious..yes its a police matter...if its not...I advise your friend just to tell the person to Feck off.......and WHY  hasnt your mate blocked him / her ? easy ......

I would advise the latter.... and ignore...


Tell him..Uncle Mark backing him...dont like bullys...

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by: tehmoor98
on: 09/01/2014 | 02:17 edited: 09/01/2014 | 02:24

Would Facebook help track the other person down? 

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by: mark1101b
on: 09/01/2014 | 02:55

Nope..I doubt it mate.....


Same as on here..if you think about it..... The only way is the ip adderss...but the pc / laptop etc could be anywhere ?

What is the blackmail ?  


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by: philipss7
on: 09/01/2014 | 04:36
Call the A-Team.
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