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i love giffgaff

Started by: djwolfy
On: 12/05/2015 | 22:25
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by: djwolfy
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:25

i love giffgaff they are awesome got meself a nice new phone case in the post recently courtesy of you guys Smiley Wink 


now i'm representing giffgaff everywhere


also actually, have to say i am loving the new giffgaff website layout 

looks really nice and modern


whats everyone else thinking? =]


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by: king1974
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:28
you should write a blog how brill it is dont forget pop on fb and show ya love keep em all joining and june payback would be massive
Hope i helped the more the merryer dont forget kudos and best answer have a good week
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by: shadzyy
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:29

Totally agree... Kudos to you

Giffgaff is awesome and love how helpful the community is

People like you making this network the best

Kudos fellow giffgaffer

Keep spreading the sim card and keep getting those reward #Money Smiley Very Happy

Good luck Smiley Happy

Oh yeah I prefer the new layout Smiley Happy
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by: wyvernred
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:29
Indeed..homage to the giffgaff.
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by: johnrooney80
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:32
Giffgaff is great bcoz WE are great!!! Wooohooo!! Good times buddy. Jeep it real fellazSmiley Happy
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by: djwolfy
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:32
awww i love all you guys

which other network do you actually have a community of strangers connecting ^^

awesome network
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by: leeben86
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:37
Giffgaff is awesome. But if the rumours are true about scrapping unlimited internet, i shall cry and cry. :'( :'(
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by: w69d
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:37
Hi, glad you're loving the giffgaff network , pity the free case wasn't a pair of sunglasses for looking at the new giffgaff layout Smiley Wink

(Its a touch on the bright side )
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by: djwolfy
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:53
awww i like the brightness, feels like summer hehe
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by: mark0014
on: 12/05/2015 | 23:00
@djwolfy great attitude mate 😉 spread the luv:-)
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