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iOS 9 help

Started by: baileys_queen
On: 13/07/2015 | 20:27
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by: baileys_queen
on: 13/07/2015 | 20:27

ok so i signed up for the ios software developer beta program. but its too buggy for me. how do i downgrade back to ios 8.4


i have an iphone 6 plus and i dont want to jailbreak it


please dont just google it i need to know from someone who does this kind of thing regular and knows that it works


thank you :-)

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by: baileys_queen
on: 15/07/2015 | 18:27

its ok sorted now

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by: jeffpeps
on: 15/07/2015 | 20:12
Just write a post on general discussion& it sorts itself out lol 🇬🇧
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