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jailbreak android

Started by: aaabzx3
On: 23/02/2011 | 14:17
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by: aaabzx3
on: 23/02/2011 | 14:17

is there a way to jailbreak an android phone so i can get free apps

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by: aks782
on: 23/02/2011 | 14:23
Nope, think that would be illegal Lol

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by: xmob
on: 23/02/2011 | 14:51

Jailbreaking isn't illegal.  Using stolen software is.


There's plenty of free apps for Android.  Stop being so tight.

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by: wilky
on: 23/02/2011 | 15:03
also u can get free apps... paid apps... free... must not off this forum..

jail braking is rooting is it not?
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by: misterlj
on: 23/02/2011 | 15:30


@wilky wrote:

jail braking is rooting is it not?



everything kriss
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