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my violent child

Started by: shirleyann83
On: 11/03/2015 | 21:31
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by: shirleyann83
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:31
Watching my violent child and I can see ma own son it the two boys who are on tonight and he is only 4 he hits me and flings things and throws tantrums already but he hasn't be diagnosed with adhd or that yet but I believe he does have it but all the docs and health visitors think am wrong....
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by: jaro2
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:36
Just watching it myself!! The specialist woman who visited one of the homes was great at her job!
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by: shirleyann83
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:42
Ye she was straight to the point think my son would benefit is I could get her here
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by: jaro2
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:44
Yeah she's very direct but fair.
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by: moshav
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:47

My ex specialises in getting kids diagnosed with ADH  naughty behaviour diagnosed so the parents can really cash in.

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by: mydog123
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:52
ADHD does not make kids punch and throws things at people. Its supposed to be an inability to concerntrate on one thing.
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by: shirleyann83
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:52
Hi @moshav am not intrested in cashing in on my child I'd just like the help with him for what he needs.. I just don't want my son getting in trouble he can get out of as he gets bigger... He was punching and kicking me once I picked him up today from nursery I've still got a bruse where he wacked me with a object the other day
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by: shirleyann83
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:54
He can't stay at one task he goes fro 0 to 100 in one second and is very hyper
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by: blastie11
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:57
Quite an eye opener
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by: shirleyann83
on: 11/03/2015 | 21:58
Ye it is and the next episode will b even more of an eye opener as I am a single parent as well
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