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nokia x6 unlock code?

Started by: dazg123
On: 04/09/2011 | 22:02
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by: dazg123
on: 04/09/2011 | 22:02

hi all,

does anybody know if the nokia x6 can be unlocked by code (free if poss)




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by: uzzyy
on: 04/09/2011 | 22:09

Nokia X6 cant be unlocked for free


It can either be unlocked via your network operator or needs to be sent off to a company called DM3 for unlocking - This is the same with all the new Nokia mobile phones because they are running the new software with a lot of security and encryption so this way they make more money when it is sold on one network

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by: dazg123
on: 04/09/2011 | 22:12

just my luck, lol

thx for saving me hours trying to find out if it could 

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by: uzzyy
on: 04/09/2011 | 22:14

No worries, some third party companies sell unlocking codes too but might charge more then the current network that it is locked onto !


The best thing to do is call the current network operator and just say i'm going on holiday and I need to use a sim abroad so I need my phone unlocked and 90% of the time they do it charging you a small fee Smiley Happy

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by: dazg123
on: 11/09/2011 | 19:50


unlocked it with a sim unlock device (the super thin type that sits between the sim and the phone) it was a bit tricky as the sim slides into a slot on the side of the phone (i slid the thin device in first then the sim, sorted)

cost about £3 Smiley Happy

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