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oh i sure do miss it

Started by: themzbiker
On: 04/12/2018 | 13:03
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by: themzbiker
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:03

watching things like this.....


the Sweeney


dukes of hazard


last of the summer wine

bionic man

bionic woman

wonder woman

knight rider


aww when tv was brilliant not like today so much rubbish & repeats

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by: dartgirl
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:08
themzbiker You Missed Dads Army Out,
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by: pault1974
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:11

@dartgirl wrote:

themzbiker You Missed Dads Army Out,

And The A-Team.

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by: standardbearer
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:16 edited: 04/12/2018 | 13:23

You touch me and ill break your arm. Whats on the blag gov.
Shut it !!!

Edit I think the sweeny would have dealt nicely with those young scumbag moped riders.

Infact they would have got a right bashing 70s style and nobody would be batting an eyelid.

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by: themzbiker
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:16

Oh yes the A team how could i forget &
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by: tonicurtis1967
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:26 edited: 04/12/2018 | 13:37

I used to like bionic woman,i had her as a doll lol and wonder woman was good

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by: ceecee2110
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:28

I love watching old episodes on ITV2/3/4 whenevr they are on, its great stuff
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by: frenchielove
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:29

Oh I loved all of thise @themzbiker and Dick Emery, Morecombe and Wise, the Two Ronnies....bring it on 🤗

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by: gvmhb
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:35
What about Hawaii 5-0, the Rockford files, Starsky & Hutch - loads more too.
There really is nothing with the same feel-good factor any more (not that I've seen anyway) Smiley Frustrated
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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 04/12/2018 | 13:47

I remember those programmes and my hubby still watches last of the summer wine😏

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