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people with bad attitude

Started by: 147brian21573
On: 17/04/2015 | 13:54
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by: 147brian21573
on: 17/04/2015 | 13:54
What is wrong with people in this world today??

An old lady was walking her shopping towards a bus stop when a chavvy looking girl walked past her whilst she was texting on her phone and bumped into the old lady and told her to watch where she's walking and I turned to the girl and said watch where you're walking because if you wasn't texting on your phone, you'd have seen the lady walk towards you and she said oh whatever

The old lady thanked me and I said no problem and some people need to learn respect and manners for their elders
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by: cathalmc
on: 17/04/2015 | 13:59
Yeah I'm sure that really happened
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by: cps15966
on: 17/04/2015 | 13:59

There's a definite lack of common courtesy nowadays that's for sure....

cps15966 - The creator of the idea for @ mentions you have all come to use and love Smiley Tongue
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by: 147brian21573
on: 17/04/2015 | 14:00

Why the hell would I lie about that??
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by: natasa80
on: 17/04/2015 | 14:01
I doubt that the young girl has been taught any manners by her parents! I'm a firm believer that manners and being respectful is all part of the upbringing!
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by: shamza122
on: 17/04/2015 | 14:04
Gota say its everywer...i was in bus tis lady was puttin her shopin on the rack provided same thing for no reason she bumped in to a girl n the girl just started......
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by: littlemisszoe
on: 17/04/2015 | 14:05

Wouldn't be slightly aimed at me would it? @147brian21573

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by: jameselloyd
on: 17/04/2015 | 14:12
everybody to busy looking at their phones.., then they get mugged Becuase their totally switched off to their surroundings.
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by: jojobarker
on: 17/04/2015 | 14:12
Manners cost nothing. Some people are so rude. Poor woman
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by: juwayriyahbibi
on: 17/04/2015 | 14:14
I know what you mean, some peoplw have no manners
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