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solar power

Started by: quavisdavis
On: 28/04/2012 | 18:18
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by: quavisdavis
on: 28/04/2012 | 18:18

im just playing with a renewable source of power for my daughters bedroom tv, got given a 12 volt leisure battery about 80 amps, a 12 volt charging solar panel and a small but watchable 15 inch lcd tv, and a free view box, both these work on 12 volt.

just built this into a free standing syetm, no wire needs plugging into the mains, and it works well, even using a small ariel rather than the house one so it will free stand!,, the solar panel gives about 2 watts of output (so only a trickle charger).

the battery is charged while my daughter is out and about at work etc (tv and freeview is off) and when she comes home she will switch on the tv and watch it for about 6 hours.

so to buy it all costs around £230 all in but costs nothing to run at all. it cost me less as the tv was £20 down the market seocnd hand, battery was given to me the solar panel was a cheap £15 had the freeview box allready so ive about  £30 to £50 in it all.

i know this kind of system is often used where there is no power available but i wanted to see if it could be done easily and cheaply and of course with no running costs it saves me money in the long run. i think everyone should get in on the solar revolution! next project is going to be using an invertor and a few more batteries and a bigger solar panel.

just thought id share this with you all.

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if i have helped please donate to a charity near you!!!!
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by: milanchande
on: 28/04/2012 | 18:21
Link me to the solar panel you used please
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by: quavisdavis
on: 28/04/2012 | 18:25


ebay bargain, prob cheaper elsewhere.

not very powerful and i know a bigger and better solar charger would work better but i wanted to keep everything as cheap as possible!



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if i have helped please donate to a charity near you!!!!
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