Activating your new SIM

When you receive your giffgaff SIM, you need to activate it to be able to use it. This guide details everything there is to know about this important step.





Things you need before you start

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You'll be able to test the signal strength before spending any money, but payment is required to activate your SIM. You can pay using most major UK credit or debit cards, or pop to the corner shop and get a giffgaff top-up voucher, We also accept O2 top-up vouchers - as we run on the O2 network.


Minimum payment activation amount


1 If activating by topping up credit only, the minimum payment is £10.


2 - If activating a SIM by the direct purchase of a goodybag / gigabag with a debit / credit card, there are two different minimum payments.

a ) For a "referral" SIM, the minimum payment is £10. Referral SIMs (with £5 credit bonus) are received from an existing member's "spread giffgaff" page, forum banner or other personalised link.


b ) For a "free" SIM, the minimum payment is £5. Free SIMs are ordered from the giffgaff main page. Please note that free SIMs do not have a credit bonus.


Before we get started, let's make sure that your phone is unlocked and that you have coverage where you are.


Start by inserting the SIM card in your phone:

  • Can't see a signal? It could be due to your phone being locked to your previous provider - don't worry, we have a handy guide which gives you advice about how to unlock your phone in our "unlockapedia". If your phone is not locked, you may want to check the coverage in your area.






The activation process stage by stage

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    1. On the home page, click Activate a SIM, to begin the activation process

    2. Enter the activation code. This is a 6 digit code which is found on the plastic card which originally held your SIM card.

      If you lost this code, you can use the 13 or 19 digit code printed on the SIM itself (right before 3Ggg/4Ggg).

    3. Register or log in. If you don't have a giffgaff account, now is the time to create one. This account will be used to manage your giffgaff phone and participate in the community. Make sure to chose a nice member name (user name) as it won't be possible to change it afterwards

    4. Select your product. You can select a product according to your payment method:

      If you are using a debit or credit card, you can purchase:

      If you are using a voucher, you can redeem it to purchase airtime credit. You'll then be able to exchange the credit for a goodybag

      You can find more details about this step in the detailed product selection section.

    5. Personal details. Enter the correct details of the person who will be using the SIM. If someone has recommended giffgaff to you, help them out by entering their phone number into the "phone number" box and they'll get 200 payback points. If a friend ordered the SIM for you then you won't have this option, but don't worry, he / she will automatically get the points.

      You're done!


Once you completed these steps, your SIM card is activated in 30 minutes to 24 hours you'll see the "Congratulations. You made it!" screen, to confirm it. You'll be then proposed to use the setup wizard. This last step is very important as it is used to make sure your phone settings are correct, so you'll be able to use Internet and MMS.


If you have issues activating your SIM, we made a list of possible situations and how to solve them.




Detailed product selection

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Purchasing with a credit / debit card


        1. Select the product you want to purchase
        2. Review your basket and click on "Continue"
        3. If you have selected a goodybag, you have the option to recur the goodybag every month. You can change recurrence during the goodybag purchase or later in "My giffgaff". If you have selected a credit value, you have the opportunity here to auto top-up.
        4. Fill in your card details and address.
        5. Click on "Confim order'. 


These credit / debit cards are accepted: Visa credit / debit (including Electron), MasterCard credit / debit (including Switch). We don't accept American Express or Diners Club - if you have one of these cards, you'll need to purchase a top-up voucher.



Purchasing with a voucher


        1. Select "airtime credit" in the "from a top-up voucher" part of the page
        2. Enter the 16 digit code printed on your voucher
        3. Submit it.

The value will be credited to your balance within a few minutes. Want to exchange credit for a goodybag? See this detailed explanation.






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Activating your new SIM

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