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How can I transfer my mobile number to giffgaff?

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Now your SIM card is activated, you may want to transfer your existing phone number to your giffgaff phone. If you are looking for information about how to transfer your giffgaff number to another giffgaff SIM, please have a look at this article about SIM Swap instead.

Transferring your number only takes 3 easy steps.

Important Note: You can perform this action only if you have a number from another UK network.

Here is a quick video that will guide you through all the steps.

If you would rather read about it check out the section below:

More Information

Transferring your phone number from a mobile provider to another requires a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC). You must ask your previous mobile operator for the code and then give it to giffgaff. If you need the contact details for your previous operator, you can find them here

Transferring your number will deactivate your old SIM so you need to transfer any data you might want to keep from your old SIM card to your phone memory.

Ensure you have made a note of any important numbers on your old SIM/mobile, or any data from your message folders, as well as calendar reminders as these will not be transferred with your mobile number and may be lost.

Once you have received your PAC:

New Transfer Form.pngThe above picture is only a screenprint. The form can be found at

  • Fill the form, including the number you wish to transfer to giffgaff, the PAC and the date you wish the transfer to take place on. NB this date must be within the next 14 days. The PAC code format is ABC123456.
  • Verify the data you entered to avoid any delay
  • Click on "Transfer your number to giffgaff"

That's it, you just have to wait for the transfer to go through.

If you request to transfer your number before 5pm, your number may be transferred on the next day. Requests made on Friday are processed on Monday. Requests made on Saturday and Sunday are processed on Tuesday.

Point to note : The Mobile Network Portability system does not operate on Bank Holidays. This means that you cannot port in to any UK network on those days. This is due to the 3rd party company that provides this service (Fujitsu) not operating on these days.

On the day of the transfer, you will experience a loss of service on your old SIM at some stage between approximately 9am and 6pm. As the process is dependent on your previous mobile operator releasing your number, we cannot offer assurances about the length of time you will be without service.

We made the graph below to give you an idea of when we release (violet) and assign (green) giffgaff numbers over the course of a regular day.


When you lose service on your old SIM, you will see an error message similar to 'SIM card registration failed.' At this point, put your new giffgaff SIM into your mobile.

Your giffgaff SIM will then stop working for a short while and then start working again but you may find that calls, texts and data work at different times until the process is complete.

It is advisable to switch your phone (with the giffgaff SIM in it) off and on every half hour or so until everything works correctly, which will signify that the number transfer has completed.

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