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How do I unlock my Phone?

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First of all, if you've bought your phone from giffgaff, don't worry. All of our phones are sold completely unlocked and unbranded.

If you're bringing your phone from another network, we have a great guide called the Unlockapedia with everything you need to know about unlocking your phone.

Your first call should be to the network who locked the phone in the first place. Their logo will be on the case or on the home screen. Some companies unlock their phones for free if they're over a certain age and they will all quote you a price for unlocking, although it may be pricey.

Ofcom Mobile providers current unlock policy


Next step is to try a number of free sites. Older phones (especially Nokia) are easy to unlock with a code that many web sites will give you for free. Some good free sites are as follows:-

Unlockitfree lists some codes for other brands, though not as many as the Nokia handsets. Some handsets can't be easily unlocked for free, but try running a Google search - you never know what you'll find but take precautions and make sure the site is legitimate.

If none of the above works for you then you'll have to go down the paid for route. There are numerous high street stores that will unlock phones and many online sites that will too. Prices vary from shop to shop and handset to handset. You can pay a little as £5 for a basic, older phone and up to £40 for the most recent smart phones. If you use an online store please take precautions (like running anti virus software) and make sure the company is legitimate before you purchase.

We'll be running a forum thread on unlocking, so why not visit our community pages and search for unlocking to see what the latest news is.

We've also prepared this video explaining some of the benefits of unlocking your handset.

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