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How long does it take to receive my new SIM?

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All SIMs sent by giffgaff are now sent by 1st Class Royal Mail. The table below shows expected time scales.

SIM Type Ordered

Delivery Method

Delivery Time

New Customer SIM

1st Class Royal Mail

1-3 Working Days

Faulty/Lost, Stolen SIM

1st Class Royal Mail

1-3 Working Days

All Friend Referral SIMs

1st Class Royal Mail

1-3 Working Days

More Information

Please note: That in extreme weather or busy times of the year that delays are possible so please be patient.

If you have been waiting more than 7 days for the arrival of a SIM then please proceed to contact an agent. It is possible the SIM has been lost in transit and will require re-ordering.

If you've lost/had your SIM stolen then please head to the replacement SIM page under Help to bar your SIM and request a replacement. If it is ordered prior to 1pm, typically it'll arrive the following working day.

If you've already ordered a replacement SIM through the Lost/Stolen page, but have not received it (Allow 5 full working days) then check the address in your account details and change it if necessary. Then contact an Agent who will then re-order you a new one.

Note: If the original one finally turns up, it won't work once a new one has been re-ordered. So either pop it in the recycling or use it as a coaster.

Just so you know, the replacement SIM will arrive in an envelope saying "Oops, don't worry, we'll get you back on track" as shown below.

lost_and_stolen_150x220.jpgReplacement SIM envelope

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