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I’ve lost my 6 digit code that I need to activate my SIM, what do I do?

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Think you've lost your 6 digit activation code? This guide will tell you where you can find it and what other code you can use instead.

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You will find the 6 digit code required for activating your SIM on the debit card sized SIM holder (not the SIM that you put in your phone)

SIM code activation codes png.png

If you have lost the SIM card holder, you can activate the SIM card using the SIM serial number (SSN) which is printed on the back of the SIM itself. This is either 13 digits starting '00' or 19 digits starting '8944'. On the SIM activation screen, click on "Can't find your activation code" then enter the SSN.

You can also obtain the activation code by typing the SSN on this website: (Made by community member diver300).

Once you have your code or SSN, to activate your SIM head here.

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