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Purchasing your first goodybag

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goodybags are the best way to enjoy giffgaff offers, as you can select the most appropriate bundle of minutes, texts and data for your needs.

More Information

A goodybag is a bundle which contains an allowance of minutes, texts and data. Each goodybag lasts one month. The available goodybags are shown here.

If you use all your allowed minutes, texts or data before your goodybag expires, you can decide to purchase a new goodybag or to keep on using your phone at the standard PAYG rates. You actually can start the next new goodybag when you have less than 100MB or 100 minutes left in your current one.

An active goodybag cannot be refunded so take the time to chose wisely.

The use of goodybags and can be used in any device. Members wishing to use a giffgaff SIM card in their tablet, dongle, SIM box or another device can use any goodybag, including the £25 "Always On" goodybag. However, after using the full speed data allowance, your data speed will be reduced during the day. Check the "Always On" goodybag guide for more details.

If you are a SIM only member, you can choose to top-up your SIM card with PAYG credit or with a goodybag. Please note that they are two different things:

  • PAYG Credit: This is an amount that is credited to your giffgaff balance. You can then use it whenever you want and you pay for each call, text or data connection individually. Credit doesn't expire.
  • Goodybag: This is a monthly allowance of calls, texts and data. As it's different from credit, it is not reflected in your balance - e.g. a £10 goodybag won't increase your balance by £10, your balance will remain the same, but you will have a minute, text and data allowance on top of it.

Note that credit is not automatically turned into a goodybag of the same value. For example, crediting £10 in your giffgaff balance does not mean you are buying a £10 goodybag. (See handy links at the bottom of this page)

If you are buying a phone and are joining giffgaff at the same time, we ask you to buy a goodybag with your phone. This goodybag will start when you activate your new giffgaff SIM and will recur every month. You can change your recurring goodybag from the second month onward.

If you are already a member and are buying a giffgaff phone, you do not have to buy a new goodybag - you can simply keep on using your existing SIM card and goodybag or credit.

Please note: when buying a goodybag from airtime credit the option to exchange airtime credit for a goodybag is on the payment options page, just prior to the final confirmation page.

If you are using a BlackBerry device with a version of the BB operating system prior to version 10, and wish to use BBM, BlackBerry email and/or BIS, you will need to activate BlackBerry Services to work with your goodybag. This service can be activated in the Profile & settings section of My giffgaff.

Goodybags are valid for 1 month only and need to be renewed every month if you want to keep on using them.

Depending on the settings you selected during your goodybag purchase, it's possible that your goodybag is set to recur automatically already. Goodybags purchased with a giffgaff phone are automatically set to recur.

If you want to make sure that your goodybag will be automatically renewed next month, you can check your settings in My giffgaff. In the "Your goodybags" section you will see if a new goodybag is already set to recur. If not, you will see a message proposing you to change your settings.

If you click on this last link, you will see the "Recur your goodybag" section. All you need to do is click the "Recur your selected goodybag" checkbox to recur your current goodybag, and then click on the "Save recurring settings" button.

If you want to change the type of goodybag you want to recur then just click on the "change" link.

If you want to change the type of goodybag you have queued then you will be required to cancel the queued goodybag first using this guide here

All goodybags have a validity of 1 month, but it is possible to choose to start a new goodybag early if you have fewer than 100 minutes or 100MB of data remaining.

It is possible to queue another goodybag for the following month or to set up automatic recurrence.

If you decide to recur a different goodybag from next month or to stop the recurrence, you can also change your settings at any time.

For technical reasons, we provision your new goodybag as soon as you validate your order. This means that it is not possible to change your goodybag selection between ordering your phone and activating your new SIM card.

Don't worry as you may change it after the first month by modifying your recurrence settings.

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