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0845 Numbers

Started by: sweetiepol
On: 10/01/2012 | 20:00
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by: sweetiepol
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:00


I can't seem to dial any 0845 or 0800 numbers anymore! is this why they are free on giffgaff?? :-) both my phone and my boyfriends just drops the call if you try and dial any of these type of numbers.




Also: I got 109 payback points, thanks, but wasn't I supposed to get 500 points for signing someone up?

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by: murrayw17
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:01
0845 calls aren't free.
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by: mgb2
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:01 edited: 10/01/2012 | 20:09

they are 12p a minute

only 0800 / 0500 are free



payback points update monthly, when did you sign him up?.. sure the sim came from your spread giffgaff page?

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by: darrenpainter
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:01

084x and 087x numbers cost 12p per minute* and come out of your credit, not goodybags  Goodybags only include UK Landlines (01,02 or 03) and UK Mobiles.


To find an alternative (01,02 or 03) number that costs 10p per minute or comes from your goodybag allowance, or possibly a free 0800 number visit


0800, 0808 and 0500 are all freephone and SHOULD be free regardless

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by: safe_1996
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:02
0845 calls are not free.
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by: stephenmiller
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:02

they aren't free on Giffgaff, only 0800 numbers are. 0845 are premium rate numbers and cost 12p per minute from credit, do you have credit left?

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by: saphira3231
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:02
check that you have credit on your account
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by: pjr
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:02
Free phone numbers which are included in your goodybag ( and won't be charged for) are as follows:

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by: alweb
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:04

you need credit for 0845 numbers they cost 12p a minute 0800 number are free so you should be able to call them

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by: wowzaa
on: 10/01/2012 | 20:05

sweetiepol wrote:

Also: I got 109 payback points, thanks, but wasn't I supposed to get 500 points for signing someone up?

when did you sign the person up? was the sim ordered from your account? if the person activates the sim on a month then the points will show on the next month. for example if sim is activated in january then points will show around 5th february

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