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£1.50 for 14 minutes?

Started by: arunrassamee
On: 30/11/2013 | 23:15
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by: soup4kev
on: 01/12/2013 | 00:06
thanks for the reply's goodybag has ran out only bought a 7.50 one last month not enough, bought the £10 one the other day but didn't realise it doesn't start until the other one runs out even though no talk minutes left, got to wait till 14 Dec, hence had to buy credit another £10, going off giff gaff a bit
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by: mickf
on: 01/12/2013 | 00:10

Not get caught again.

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by: nigelbrooks
on: 01/12/2013 | 09:44

Be grateful that you're not on EE PAYG, Would have cost you £4.20!!!!

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by: goldcombi
on: 01/12/2013 | 11:21

it would be £1.50 for 15 mins

You would be best too buy a goodbag ...

Starting a £5 a month for 60 min calls

Hope this helps
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by: graham778
on: 01/12/2013 | 12:15
Buy a goodybag for your needs and don't go over minutes or you'll be charged
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