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10.00goody bag

Started by: randellwhitelock
On: 12/07/2018 | 04:41
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by: randellwhitelock
on: 12/07/2018 | 04:41

I have put an 10.00 goody bag on my phone last Monday which I thought it's supposed to last a month which it lasted me 7/8days how possible can that be to use that amount also I have sent off for a number of sim cards for friends which I thought you get £5 for each one up you send off for friend haven't reserved not 1 £5 which I don't now weather i want to leave  Giffgaff or stay big dession ss as I haven't got a bit of data in phone so I can finish my work x

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by: random112
on: 12/07/2018 | 04:49
If you definitely bought a £10 goody bag (not a £10 top up) then the bag lasts for a month - but if you use all of the minutes or mb up quicker then that's up to you. It's not unlimited. You get 500 minutes to use and if you want to use them all in the first week you can (etc).

As for the refer a friend - please read the instructions again. You get 500 points (worth £5)and they get £5 free top up. They get their top up within a day of activation. You get your points a month after they activate (points are not updated live and they only update them once a month in arrears about the 8th of each month for anything you earned in the previous month).
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by: natty88
on: 12/07/2018 | 04:53 edited: 12/07/2018 | 05:00

@randellwhitelock Does any data balances show here 

Remember background apps updating can eat your data quickly 

It's best when not using data to disable it and make sure apps are set to update via Wi-Fi only 



As for sending Sims to friends you only get 5pounds if they activate the sim within 42days of you joining giffgaff 

If over that time its added as payback points which get updated around the 5th working day of the month for the previous months recruits example Julys recruits would show up in Augusts update and paid in December also if you have more than 15recruits from you joined giffgaff you would be automatically put on the super recruiters payment meaning unless member tops up a 2nd or 3rd time you don't get anything 

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by: randellwhitelock
on: 12/07/2018 | 05:02
I can do phone calls texts but no data as I can't finish my work so by me sending sim cards for friends give them to friends if they don't use them so I want receive £5 which I think it no point in sending for sim cards for friends really
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by: natty88
on: 12/07/2018 | 05:06

 @randellwhitelock Unless Sims are activated by minimum ten pounds top up the sim is not valid you only get 500payback points for Sims that members successfully activate 

As for your data you can if like to start a new goody bag now by following this guide 

start new goody bag now this can only be used if current goody bag has less than 50 calling mins or 50 mega bytes data also if you use recurring goody bags switch off here first please 

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by: randellwhitelock
on: 12/07/2018 | 05:07
Yes I definitely bought a 10.00 goody bag which suppose to last for a month not seven days
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by: natty88
on: 12/07/2018 | 05:13

@randellwhitelock  The ten pounds goody bag gives you unlimited UK mins to 01,02 and 03 UK numbers and all UK mobile numbers you also get unlimited UK texts and 3gigs data use per month 

If you use all the data up the calls and texts will remain until the expiry date of goody bag 

If you use up the 3gigs of data unless you have airtime credit you won't be able to access data or as I've suggested you can start a new one today to get more data that the same for any members once you use the data up even if it's before the months up 

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by: randellwhitelock
on: 12/07/2018 | 05:13
So is there anyway I could earn points to get a bit of data for me to finish my work off then thank you
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by: natty88
on: 12/07/2018 | 05:16

 @randellwhitelock Payback points are only paid out in June and December each year they are not giving at any other time so can't be used now until next pay out which is in early to mid December this year sorry 

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by: randellwhitelock
on: 12/07/2018 | 05:23
Thank you for your help very great full but now I got use to Giff gaff now I be leaving Giffgaff as I can't get use to giffgaff as with other networks they give you rewards and give you good will rewards or data when run out
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