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£18/9GB Goodybag

Started by: olwen_roy
On: 01/04/2018 | 17:50
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by: timwilliams25
on: 01/04/2018 | 18:33

Check out your phone's data usage history.  This may shed some light on the rogue app that has eaten away at your allowance whilst you were counting sheep.


I find that facebook used a lot of data when my phone was "asleep".

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by: sloz
on: 01/04/2018 | 18:35
Did you use much data yesterday evening?
If you weren't aware giffgaff introduced a bonus 1gb of data to £10, £12, £15 and £18
Goodybags, but is only available to goodybag set to recur.

So of you had the goodybag recurring rather than buying it manually you could heve received 10gb,

Do you prefer to buy manually rather to set it recur automatically?
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by: giffgaff20147
on: 01/04/2018 | 18:41


Hello if you have reacure goodybags on they don’t start at midnight they start anytime from approx 9/10pm so did you use data after that time , 



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by: olwen_roy
on: 01/04/2018 | 18:56
It was a queued goodybag - yes I was using data and am surprised I used so much. Thanks for your help.
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by: arnoldpowell1
on: 01/04/2018 | 18:57

@olwen_roy  Hope its sorted now!

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by: olwen_roy
on: 01/04/2018 | 19:04
I obviously used more data than I thought. Thanks for the info about increased allowance on recurring goody bags - I usually only need a £7.50 when in UK but buy an £18 one when travelling in Europe and don’t have Wi-Fi access.
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by: olwen_roy
on: 01/04/2018 | 19:06
Still a bit baffled but it’ll teach me to be more careful!!
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by: olwen_roy
on: 01/04/2018 | 19:08
Thanks for your help,
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by: sheppola
on: 01/04/2018 | 20:42



You can set a Data warning and cap in your Phone's Settings/Data usage and also use the GiffGaff app to keep an eye on things,


Also if you get into the habit of Using Opera Browsers they use their own special Data compression that can in some cases reduce data traffic by 90%.The latest versions also have,"Bit Mining" blocking to prevent systems being used for Bitcoin Harvesting.


I don't use Youtube apps or weather apps etc I use Shortcuts on the Honepage/Speed dial of Opera for these thus lowering my data usage.


HTH Smiley Happy



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by: olwen_roy
on: 01/04/2018 | 21:53
Thanks for the useful info.
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