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2 sims on same number>

Started by: mikkykitten
On: 20/08/2011 | 08:49
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by: mikkykitten
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:49

hiya...i was just wondering if it is possible to have two sims on the same number?


Basically when im out and about i want to use my Dell Streak android, but when indoors would like to use Galaxy Tab 10.1 v2

if i get one....and save me constantly swapping the sim over?



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by: ajstewart
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:50 edited: 20/08/2011 | 08:52

No I don't think this is possible. A number is tied to a certain sim card, and then that number is now in use. Not on gg anyway.

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by: weeman
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:50

No mate it's not possible...1 sim per account.



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by: mickf
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:52

It's not.  I asked this some time ago and, it can't be done, shame though.

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by: tharris1
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:53



sorry i think due to limatation wih the system you can not have more than 1 sim per account , you can use the same email and credit/debit card details

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by: liamwli
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:53
No. But you you can use call forwarding. It's free gg - gg.
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by: coolstar
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:53
It is not possible to have 2 sims on one number

However some mobile phones have a dual sim feature that allows them to use 2 sims that you can switch between but these are pretty rare handsets these days
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by: liamwli
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:54
Look in settings call settings call forwarding.
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by: giffgaff_1
on: 20/08/2011 | 08:54
Its not possible
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by: mba_263
on: 20/08/2011 | 09:00
impossible with all networks
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