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4G not working

Started by: sadym75
On: 06/12/2018 | 08:00
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by: sadym75
on: 06/12/2018 | 08:00


I have got internet problem. When I turn on the mobile data, on my display it does not appear “4G” and the internet do not work. I have just started a new month, yesterday it was fine. 

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by: beebeer
on: 06/12/2018 | 08:07
This is a national problem linked to an O2 fault - being looked at now.
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by: hdavey17
on: 06/12/2018 | 08:09

There is a general issue with the O2 network which is effecting Giff gaff users.  They are trying to resolve.  This is causing issue to thousands of users.

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