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£5 free credit

Started by: neiljh
On: 16/07/2012 | 11:13
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by: neiljh
on: 16/07/2012 | 11:13

Sorry to keep banging on about this, but why advertise £5 free credit for joining, if you are not actually going to provide it? On my SIM pack, direct from GiffGaff, it stated £5 free credit when the SIM is activated. This has so far not been credited to my account. 

I am really disappointed with GiffGaff due to this, and no one has so far been able to provide me with a reasonable answer to this problem.


I am considering going back to O2, as if this is the future of GiffGaff (lies and broken promises), then I do not wish to be a part of it.

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by: tinks22
on: 16/07/2012 | 11:14
hi neiljh,
it depends where you ordered the sim. if it was ordered from the home page, you won't receive £5 credit.
if it was ordered from another member then you should. if this is the case, contact an agent
i hope i have helped you
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by: harry58
on: 16/07/2012 | 11:15

contact an agent regarding your 5 pound credit

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by: triple1988
on: 16/07/2012 | 11:16
If you don't order the sim card from a Giffgaff member you won't get the free 5 pounds of credit.
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by: sam1128
on: 16/07/2012 | 11:17
Blackberry Internet :

***For O/S 4 and 5 devices***
(  8520,9300,9700,9780)

On Home screen, 
click Options.
Click Advanced Options 
Enter the APN: 
user name: giffgaff
and password: password 
Press the Menu key and select Save!

  ***For O/S 6 and 7 devices***

Go to home screen> Select Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > TCP/IP

Enter the APN : 
 user name :giffgaff 
 password Smiley Tongueassword
Press the BB Menu key and select Save

Please download OPERA MINI FROM BELOW ..

(The standard BlackBerry browser will NOT work without the £3 BlackBerry addon, so an alternative browser is used (Opera Mini) because bb browser needs service books)

See this project as well :

Thanks !
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by: nrup227
on: 08/09/2012 | 20:32


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by: demi7795
on: 08/09/2012 | 20:33

depends wer u got sim from

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by: dudesamld
on: 08/09/2012 | 20:37
I have usually found that I only ever recieve extra credit when referring friends in which case we both get £5
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by: kevin_kazz100
on: 08/09/2012 | 20:46

did you order the sim though a friend or a banner link? if so, you should get your £5 credit

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by: akhanom
on: 08/09/2012 | 20:48
If you get the sim from a member of giffgaff then you will recoeve the £5 and if you get it from the homepage sorry but you will not recieve it
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