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£5 labs bag

Started by: ethan795
On: 15/06/2011 | 11:39
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by: ethan795
on: 15/06/2011 | 11:39

I was looking at the £5 goodybag, not the infinite texts one, the other one...


For £5 a month get:

  • 60 UK minutes
  • 300 UK texts
  • Free extra minutes
  • Free to giffgaff

What's the "free extra minutes"? I clicked "more info" but that was no help.



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by: liamcee123
on: 15/06/2011 | 11:40
If you get called you get extra minutes, so if someone rings you for 20 minutes you'll get 20 extra minutes, this does not include giffgaff to giffgaff
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by: cliver
on: 15/06/2011 | 11:41

You get extra minutes added for every minute of incomming calls you take.

I think it's opne for 1 but not sure

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by: silverfox55
on: 15/06/2011 | 11:41

for every call you receive from a non giffgaff number you get 1 extra minute added to your balance for the duration of the call. so if the call lasts 5 minutes you get 5 extra minutes added to your balance

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by: giffgaff_1
on: 15/06/2011 | 11:42
every minute of incoming calls from another network giver you an extra minute of out going calls
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by: andylamb
on: 15/06/2011 | 11:42

The incoming calls must be from another network or landline. For each full minute you will get an added minute.


The only way I know of stealing minutes. If you call your own phone from an office phone and leave it......


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by: ethan795
on: 15/06/2011 | 11:44

Thanks everyone

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