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6gb for £10

Started by: pompeynick667
On: 14/08/2019 | 06:14
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by: pompeynick667
on: 14/08/2019 | 06:14
My Goodybag renewed this morning, however the 6gb in the £10 bag has not been included. Any ideas why not?
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by: tonychurm39
on: 14/08/2019 | 06:30
It should have the extra data if brought on the 14th august... contact an agent to rectify it
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by: wagstaffes
on: 14/08/2019 | 07:22

@pompeynick667 seems like you're not the only one, see pages 84 onwards,

I'm assuming it's a mistake and that GG will sort it, but, might be best to flag it with an agent anyway. 

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