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A sim card I ordered to give out is saying not activated, when I know it has been.

Started by: zhulton76
On: 04/02/2014 | 22:36
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by: zhulton76
on: 04/02/2014 | 23:09
How do you know I will get them February? When it says on my recruits page, that no sims I ordered have been activated?
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by: zhulton76
on: 04/02/2014 | 23:22
Can somebody answer me please, who knows what I am supposed to receive when a sim card I ordered has been activated, what am I supposed to be rewarded and when am I supposed to receive it, please can somebody give me a real answer , instead of just guesses, its stressing me out now.
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by: fred_flintstone
on: 04/02/2014 | 23:27
Read this guide on payback everything regarding your £5 recruiting payment is explained
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