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AOL mail connection problem

Started by: lumens999
On: 12/03/2012 | 14:38
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by: lumens999
on: 12/03/2012 | 14:38
Hi All,

I have an problem with retrieving my email through AOL but only when connected through a cellular 2G/3G data network. I get the message "Cannot retrieve mail - Incorrect Username or Password"

If I immediately connect to a WiFi network with the extract same settings it retrieves the emails with no problems. Also without changing the setting every few days, about roughly 1 in 10 attempts it manages to retrieve the emails with no error messages.

This has been happening for months now and means I have to keep using the more time-consuming webmail instead. It never happened with my contract Tesco SIM and I have tried an Orange SIM with the same settings and it works fine.

My Gmail email account and Internet work fine even when the AOL mail account gives the errors.

I have tried:

1) Reset the iPhone's Network settings

2) Deleting the email accounts and adding them again.

3) A full reset and also a full erase and restore.

4) removing and cleaning the SIM

My settings:
iPhone 4S

Username: email address
Incoming IMAP server:
Server port 993
Outgoing SMTP server:
Server Port 587

Sorry about the long winded question, but wanted to give you as much info as possible. I really hope to find a solution to the problem...

Thanks in advance!
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by: chrisread9907
on: 12/03/2012 | 14:40
Get a Gmail account .. Simple solution Smiley Happy I'm not to sure what can possibly be causing your problem ...
If i have helped you please click the "kudo" button and accept as solution.. Thanks Smiley Happy
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: u_ghafoor
on: 12/03/2012 | 14:42
People still use AOL?????
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: lumens999
on: 12/03/2012 | 14:43
I have a gmail account too and that works fine which makes the AOL problem even more confusing and frustrating!
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by: lumens999
on: 12/03/2012 | 14:44 edited: 12/03/2012 | 14:46
My setting are as per that link, but thanks anyway
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by: justinjhutch
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:52

I'm having same issue as first post tried everything.... Thinking to change from AOL to GMAIL...


Anyone with any solutions before I do this?

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by: sophie1605
on: 13/03/2012 | 11:45
Follow this guide on setting up you email, it should solve it, it worked for me :-)

Setting up AOL Mail
Name: AOL.
Username: or etc.
Password: YourPassword Remember: This is CASE sensitive!.
Email Address: or etc.
Port: 993
Security: Enabled, SSL, TLS
Port: 587
Authentication: Yes, Same as POP
Security: Enabled, SSL, TLS
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by: lumens999
on: 13/03/2012 | 21:02
Yep Sophie1605 those are my exact settings and they work fine with WiFi but not with a GiffGaff cellular connection! It is definitely a GiffGaff related problem. If I use those setting with another network SIM it works fine??? I've also tried asking an Agent but they said they can't help and to ask the community. Early days but I'm not sure I'll find a solution. The AOL address is a long standing one that many contacts and companies use otherwise I would quite happily scrap the address...
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by: deskjetian
on: 13/03/2012 | 21:04 edited: 13/03/2012 | 21:05
This thread explains a solution to your problem. Basically you need to use a differnt smtp port number.
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